LSU spring game: The good, bad, ugly

Kristian Garic
April 06, 2019 - 5:45 pm

LSU's spring football game was hit and miss in a few areas.  The Tigers did their best to not show opponents very much considering the game was televised on National TV on SEC Network. Let's get to it. 


The Good: The LSU pass rush started out kind of slow, but picked up as the scrimmage went along.  I counted at least 5 would-be sacks of LSU quarterbacks. The Tigers defensive front dominated the offensive line with constant pressure or quarterback take downs. 

Coach Orgeron’s assessment was pretty much the same. "I thought our defense came out flat at the beginning, but got going as the scrimmage went on. They picked it up. I was pleased," head coach Ed Orgeron said after the game.

Running back Chris Curry was impressive. He scored two rushing touchdowns and broke a long run up the middle, finishing off a run, that punished defenders in his path. Coach O was happy to see Curry's physical play. "That's what we need.  In a spread offense we need some physicality. We need someone to break some tackles," Orgeron said with a smile.

The bad:  The disappointment goes hand and hand with the good.  The pass rush dominated today, but the play of the offensive line is alarming.  Coach O said during the off-season that the Tigers have to improve up front on the offensive line. Through one spring football game there’s no evidence that those improvements have been made.  LSU struggled to protect quarterback Joe Burrow last season.  That will be their number one focal point, when the Tigers return to practice in August.  

The ugly:  Let's be honest, it's a spring game. I'm not going to saddle any one aspect of the Tigers game as ugly, because to be honest, none of it was perfect or all that pretty.  That's what the spring is for.  You can't draw any finite conclusions based on how anyone performs in the spring. 

Lagniappe:  Cornerback Derek Stingly Jr. was a player who stood out in the game, and also by all accounts during spring practices.  The top recruit in the country is getting rave reviews on campus from players and the LSU coaching staff. Stingly picked off Joe Burrow on a deep ball in the scrimmage, impressing Coach O, his teammates and the crowd. "He's got great ball skills, and has some really good offensive skills," Coach O added.  

No, Coach Orgeron didn't misspeak by saying a cornerback has great offensive skills.  What Coach O is saying is that Stingly is a defensive back, who has offensive skill position talent. That’s a huge asset.

Notice I didn't give the score of the scrimmage, simply because it doesn't matter. 

The LSU football Tigers are off until early August, when they report for camp in Baton Rouge.  LSU opens the season on August 31st against Georgia Southern in Tiger stadium.  Hello LSU football, it was nice to see you, even if it was brief! 


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