Kristian: LSU Tigers face a significant test against Auburn

Kristian Garic
September 14, 2018 - 3:08 pm

LSU will play the team’s first road SEC game tomorrow against the Auburn Tigers at 2:30.  No. 11 LSU is coming off a shutout win over FCS South Eastern Louisiana University.  The Tigers are stepping up in class compared to the first two games, an SEC road game against a really good opponent. Here are five things LSU has to do to pull off a big upset.

1.      Auburn is favored by 10 points over LSU.  Keep embracing the underdog role, that seems to fuel the Tigers.  Now that can only get you so far, but in a game like this intensity matters. LSU has to match the intensity from Auburn and their fans. The LSU Tigers aren’t supposed to win, so play with house money and let it all hang out.

2.     Forget trying to run the ball and pound out a victory.  That is not the best way to attack one of the best defensive fronts in college football. QB Joe Burrow is going to have to make some big throws for LSU to win this game. The game plan should be to attack Auburn through the air, down the field.  Run just enough to keep them honest.

3.     Take the crowd out of it, again play with house money.  Get tricky! Sorry, that was a poor attempt at humor.  I wouldn’t be surprised, if LSU runs a fake punt or FG at some point. LSU is the challenged team in this game and cannot just line up and whip Auburn man to man.   Coach O, reach into your bag of tricks and pull out not just one but two or three trick plays.

4.     Force a turnover! LSU can’t go score for score with Auburn and expect to win.  The defense has to pop a ball out, or pick off a pass.  LSU’s been solid forcing turnovers, so far this season.  They’ll need two turnovers to beat Auburn.  Going hand in hand with turnovers are sacks, or at least hits on the QB.  The hits in the first quarter start effecting the QB in the fourth quarter.

5.     Protect QB Joe Burrow.  The offensive line has been shaky, but getting guys back in rotation, who were banged up couldn’t come at a better time for LSU.  For the Tigers to execute the passing game, Burrow needs more time to survey the coverage.  Through two games LSU has simply taken a very conservative approach to the passing game, because the offensive line was struggling to protect Burrow.  That has to change this week, if LSU is going to pull off the upset against Auburn. 


Prediction: I just outlined five things LSU has to do to win the game. I just don’t see them maxing out on those goals.  In particular, having success in the passing game.   Auburn 17 / LSU 13.  The Tigers take their first loss of the season.

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