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Kristian: Not a believer in LSU Baseball? Here is why you're crazy!

Can the Tigers win another championship?

Kristian Garic
June 06, 2017 - 7:29 pm

Giddy! Would be one word to describe my feelings about LSU baseball right now.  I was having a conversation today in the gym with a friend of mine and he said he's not fully bought into LSU baseball.  I looked at him like he had three eyeballs. What about this team has you skeptical?  He pointed out the batting line up.  I understand, Coastal Carolina came in to Baton Rouge and beat LSU last season and beat the Tigers in the Super Regional.  I understand the fears of Stony Brook revisited.  This 2017 team is the best team I've seen in purple and gold since the Tigers won the national championship in 2009.  You heard me!  If you haven't bought a ticket aboard the LSU express, don't worry there are plenty of seats remaining.  You should be all in if you're not.  Here is why, first let me address the concern from some fans about the line up. Why would I be concerned about a line up that features five of the first five batters hitting over .300 for the season.  The sixth hitter in the LSU line up, freshman Josh Smith is closing in on .300 at .290 for the season.  Some people point to Beau Jordan in the seventh hole at with a .275 average.  I would argue that's great production from any seven hole hitter in the country.  The 8th & 9th spots are not gimme outs either.  Catcher Michael Papierski is hitting .255 but the amount of walks he's drawn this year is staggering.  Jake Slaughter was a late addition in the nine hole during regional play because of an injury to first baseman Nick Coomes, but Slaughter swung that bat well in his two starts over the weekend.

Still not sold?  Let's talk pitching shall we?  Show me another team in the country that from the Ace to the third starter can dominate on the mound the way the Tigers can.  LSU won the first two games of the Regional this wekeend without dominant performances from Alex Lange and Jarred Poche.  Throw in Eric Walker's sensational freshman season as the third starter and you've got the most complete pitching staff Paul Mainieri has had perhaps ever at LSU.  So Kristian what if the starting pitching struggles?  (Which will happen again at some point this season) Fine. I'll take Zach Hess, Caleb Gilbert, or Hunter Newman out of the pen against anyone else in the country.  In particular Zach Hess!  He might be the most electric arm on the entire pitching staff ahead of Lange. Then there is the Tigers in the field.  LSU has led the SEC in fielding percentage all season long, and it was the one consistent part of the team from start to finish this season when the bats were not on fire as they are now.  I know they kicked a few balls on Friday against Texas Southern, but I simply chalk that up to baseball being a strange streaky sport sometimes.

Right now, for my money....LSU is the most complete team in the country.  I know Oregon State is the top ranked team, but LSU is the team everyone is dreading to play.  LSU is a team that is confident, playing at an elite level, and has been through a ton of adversity on the field.  The Tigers are battle tested and have waited nearly a year for this "I've been preparing for this weekend since Coastal Carolina walked off the field and dog piled on my position" said short stop Kramer Robertson.  Then there was the inconsistent stretches this season, and the constant barage of questions from the Fans and Media.  The Tigers stayed true to their stripes, and kept plugging away to win a share of the SEC regular season title, the SEC Tournament, and Regional Championship. With more championships on the way.  Remember back in March and early April, some fans were ready to jump, some were calling for changes in the coaching staff.  I was doing my best Aaron Rodgers "R-E-L-A-X" they'll be fine. I knew they would be this good, eventually this season. I can promise you if you were in a room with Oregon State, Florida, or any other of the 7 teams that advance to Omaha for the CWS they would tell you LSU is the last team they want to face. Every team is hoping that someone catches them on an off night, and they stub their toe, but nobody is hoping to see them in a game.   Right now, the only team that beats LSU is LSU.  I'm all in on the Tigers! Are you?

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