Kristian: Greedy has "earned right" to be greedy

Should college football players play in their bowl games?

Kristian Garic
December 05, 2018 - 2:06 pm

Should college star players honor their team and play in the bowl game or look out for their own best interest?

That’s a common question this time of year.  Star college players shut down their season before their team plays in a bowl game to prepare for the NFL draft. By preparing, I mean not exposing themselves to injury in the post season.  LSU cornerback Greedy Williams opted for this route, forgoing participation in the Tigers' Fiesta Bowl game against UCF on January 1st.  Williams is considered a top 15 pick in the April NFL Draft. 

Conversely, LSU linebacker Devon White says he’s playing in the Fiesta Bowl.  Like Williams, White is projected to be a first round pick as well. 

So should star college football players honor their team and play in the bowl game or look out for their own best interest?  That’s a tough question to answer without knowing a person’s financial situation within their respective family.  I get the argument on either side of this.

The old fashion Marine in me says you have to be there for your team, your school, and your fans.  The capitalist in me says you as the player are obligated to protect yourself from injury in a game that pretty much can’t make you more money, but can cause you to lose a lot of money.   I appreciate the loyalty to your school and scholarship argument, but scholarships don’t bind a player to play in a bowl game. 

I would offer you to think about it this way.  For three or four years a school has made a ton of money off my contributions on the field.  Now it’s my turn to maximize my earning potential for my brand.  No, I’m not advocating for college players getting paid.  However, if you don’t pay them this is the exact right that they have to protect their future, and earnings.  So for those that are critical of Greedy Williams or other players that decide to shut it down prior to a bowl game, you are thinking about it from a very selfish perspective of wanting to win said bowl game. 

If you knew that you had millions coming to you in five short months, and the only thing that could jeopardize those millions coming your way would be a long term or perhaps career ending injury in a bowl that matters very little to your bottom line would you risk millions for the school to make millions off of you?  I wouldn’t!

It’s a new era of college football and athletes are different these days.  Loyalty to a team and university matter little when it comes to their individual protection.  Kudo’s to Greedy Williams looking out for his brand, and not the brand that made millions off of him.

So here comes the argument; well if LSU didn’t give him the scholarship then he wouldn’t be in position to make millions.  That’s not accurate!  If Greedy hadn’t been offered and accepted a scholarship from LSU, another school would have offered him a scholarship and he would have accepted it.  Plus, he fulfilled that scholarship, playing football for LSU’s program for three seasons at a high level.  He did his part, now it’s time for him to ensure himself and his family the maximum earning potential. 

Greedy has the right to be Greedy now!

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