Kristian Garic makes a mockery of mock drafts

Having some fun on NFL Draft eve

Kristian Garic
April 25, 2018 - 10:21 pm

1. Cleveland Browns---Oh please don't pick me

2. New York Giants---Thank god I didn't get picked by the Browns

3. New York Jets---I'd rather get picked by the Giants. Go Mets!

4. Cleveland Browns---I quit, football isn't for me

5.  Denver Broncos---At least they have really good ski resorts and Marijuana

6. Indianapolis Colts---Can we get Payton Manning back?

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers--At least it's warm

8.  Chicago Bears---BRRRRR it's cold!

9.  San Francisco 49ers---I hope Jimmy G will bail me out of mistakes

10.  Oakland Raiders---Chucky is my coach!

11.  Miami Dolphins---South Beach will be cool

12.  Buffalo Bills---Man New England dominates the division, the winters suck

13.  Washington Redskins---They wanna change the name

14.  Green Bay Packers--I get to play with Aaron Rodgers, and eat a lot of Cheese Curds

15.  Arizona Cardinals---Yeah but it's a dry heat

16.  Baltimore Ravens---Crab cakes are awesome!

17.  San Diego errr Los Angeles (kind of) Chargers---At least there will be only 30 thousands fans watching us if we make a mistake. 

18.  Seattle Seahawks---It does rain a lot, the legion of Boom is yesterday's news

19.  Dallas Cowboys---Jerry Jones will make some really bad decisions, which will be normal.

20.  Detroit Lions---At least I get a Ford to drive

21.  Cincinnati Bengals---Please don't pick up my fifth year option

22.  Buffalo Bills---It's cruel to allow the Bills to have two first round picks. 

23.  New England Patriots---Great, Super Happy I got Tom Brady, and Bill Bellichick is a sith lord that shoots lighting out of his fingers

24.  Carolina Panthers---Cam Newton will show me how to dress....great I'm doomed. 

25.  Tennessee Titans---Got great music, after the game

26.  Atlanta Falcons---28 to 3

27.  New Orleans Saints---It's my hometown! I'm not making fun of it! ​Who Dat!

28.  Pittsburgh Steelers---Terrible Towel

29.  Jacksonville Jaguars---We made the playoffs last year with Blake Bortels? Wow!

30.  Minnesota Vikings---Thanks Marcus Williams

31.  New England Patriots---Where is the football? Nah, deflate em a little. 

32.  Philadelphia Eagles---Boooooooooooo!

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