Denver Broncos Demaryius Thomas (88) is treated by medical staff after suffering a concussion during the game against the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium.

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Kristian: Are people worried about concussions or do they just hate football?

Kristian Garic
February 22, 2018 - 6:41 pm

At alarming rates we're seeing lawmakers around the country introduce legislation that would ban youth football altogether or until a child reaches a certain age. Some are suggesting that kids wait until high school to play. 

There is no medical research that supports that waiting until that age puts them any more or less at risk.  There is a thought that it puts them at risk, but no medical link as of yet.  The idea to ban youth football is hypocritical on so many levels.  I've coached youth football on and off for the better part of 20 years and can honestly say through countless practices and over 200 games I've never seen a kid concussed.  They simply aren't big enough, fast enough or strong enough hit hard enough to cause one.  They're wearing just as good of equipment as the players they idolize that play on Sunday's in the NFL. 

Think about this: Youth football leagues have height and weight standards. It's the only youth sport that requires height and weight standards to play a sport in your own age group.  Baseball doesn't do that, basketball doesn't require that! By the way football is a contact sport where collisions are encouraged and required.  Baseball, baskeball and soccer are contact sports where collisons are not encouraged or required but still happen.  They've been advised to take on more safety precautions because of those collisions but have ignored such advice from medical experts.  What's more?  Please stop saying Flag Football is the Safer alternative.  Yeah, how can it be safer with no helmet to protect your head and collisions occur incidentally? Oh did I mention flag football has sent kids to the hospital for skull fractures.  Has that ever happened in youth tackle football? I don't think so. 

Some medial experts, politicians and anti football haters have waged war on tackle football simply because they don't like the sport, not because they are trying to prevent concussions.  If they were truly interested in protecting kids from concussions why wouldn't they introduce legislation to ban other activities that cuase them like Skatebording, soccer, gymnastics, cheerleading, baseball, basketball, hockey and even bicycling.  Because that's too hard, and those are the sports they like.  Somehow football has because sayton in the anti football crowd.  If the goal is to get rid of concussions, I guess we need to get rid of all of them right? The general agreement among neuroscientists is there is not proven cause and effect of concussions and CTE. In other words it's a suspicion not a a direct link that sub concussions or repeated blows to the head can cause CTE. 

I have three sons, two of which are at the age to play youth tackle football.  I'm fine with the risk, until I see a link that it causes CTE.  At that point, it's my decision as a parent not that of a legislature feeling to need to champion themselves as Saints because they're looking out for my children.  That's my job and I do it well. 

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