The Good, Bad, and Ugly from Saints loss to the Cowboys

Kristian Garic
November 30, 2018 - 8:30 am

Okay, the Saints winning streak was bound to end at some point.  The optimistic will shrug this loss off and look at it as an opportunity for the Saints to start another winning streak in the final quarter of the season.  Here’s the good, bad, and ugly from the Saints loss to the Cowboys.

Good:  Tip your hat!  The Cowboys defense outplayed and whipped the Saints offense.  Period!  No other way to say it.  The Saints offense is usually the faster team on the field.  The Cowboys were just as fast or faster.   Dallas put pressure on Drew Brees all night and held the Saints to a Sean Payton era low of 176 yards of total offense.  That is unreal.  They tackled really well.  Dallas beat the Saints up front.

Bad:  Let me get this straight, the Saints forced two fumbles, held the Cowboys to 13 points and sacked Dak Prescott seven times...and you lose a game?  This loss is clearly on the offense.  Prior to facing Dallas, when the Saints held an opponent to under 20 points, in the Sean Payton era the Black & Gold were 71-7.  The defense did their part; the offense came up waaay short.

Ugly:  The officials have been a hot topic of conversation around South Louisiana after LSU’s controversial loss to Texas A&M.  Well, the officials had a bad game once again involving the local team.  Let me be clear, the officials didn’t beat the Saints; the Cowboys did.  There were, however, plenty of missed or bad calls on either side for the Saints and Cowboys.  The one I take issue with is the obvious helmet to helmet call they missed on Alvin Kamara late in the game.  Cowboys linebacker Jaylon Smith launched and led with the crown of his helmet, and the officials didn’t call it.   Ok fine, they can miss a pass interference call, but you simply can’t miss that call.  The NFL says they’re trying to take hits to the players’ head out of the game.  When you emphasize safety you have to get that call right.  BIG miss.

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