Garic: 5 reasons Drew Brees might retire

Kristian Garic
February 13, 2020 - 10:17 am

GAAAASP!  What if?  What if Saints QB Drew Brees decides he’s done and retires this off-season?  That thought has more weight than any other spring in the Brees-Payton era.  The future Hall-of-Famer very well decide to hang up his cleats for good.  Here are some reasons Drew might step away. 

  1.  Kobe Bryant’s sudden death at age 41 really resonated with Brees, who is also 41 with young children at home.  Life is precious and you just don’t know when your time will be up.  Don’t think for a minute Brees isn’t kicking that around in his head.  Kobe’s death certainly is on the mind of the Saints signal caller.
  2. Brees openly said he wants to decide on his terms when his career is over.   He doesn’t want 1 or 32 teams telling him he can’t play anymore.  Brees very much cares about his legacy, and doesn’t want to be remembered as the guy who played one season too many. 
  3. Drew is a devout Christian with a strong belief in family.  How much more time does he want to miss with his kids?  That’s a question only he can answer, but I’m sure that will be a factor, if Brees decides to walk away from football.  If you are a parent, you know, time you miss with your kids is time you can never get back. 
  4. Drew Brees is a tireless worker, who keeps a grueling schedule on and off the field.  Does he want to continue to make the sacrifices necessary to get his body ready for the rigorous preparation for and impact of an NFL season?  It’s hard to keep the edge this long, and at some point everyone decides they just can’t or won’t do it anymore.
  5. As we age it takes longer and longer to recover from every day workouts much less a potential injury.   Does Drew want to subject himself to another injury that might force him to miss playing time and require rehab to get back on the field?  Eventually father time catches up with everyone, but Brees seems to evade him better than most.

No matter the decision to stay or go, Drew Brees’ time in New Orleans has been magnificent.  He believed in our city when some of us didn’t believe ourselves.  He took a leap of faith about our future, and for that love for Drew Brees will always run deep. 

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