Nov 24, 2018; College Station, TX, USA; LSU Tigers head coach Ed Orgeron watches during practice before a game against the Texas A&M Aggies at Kyle Field.


Coach O says loss to Aggies is enough motivation to win Fiesta Bowl

Kristian Garic
December 11, 2018 - 3:54 pm

After some time off for LSU players following the regular season, the Tigers are back on the field getting ready for their Fiesta Bowl matchup with UCF on New Year’s Day.  Coach Ed Orgeron and his staff have been on the recruiting trail since the day after the Tigers last game against Texas A&M.  Coach O alone was a part of 17 home visits with recruits. “We have home visited young men that we expect to sign next week.  We have been recruiting this class for two years. I think that has helped us,” Orgeron said.  This LSU coaching staff faced something new last year - the first ever singing day period in December. 

The Tigers will hold 15 practices to prepare for the Fiesta Bowl.  This week Coach O says the team will focus on “LSU,” before game planning on UCF begins next Monday.  Coach Orgeron wants to tinker with the offense during the 15 practices before the bowl game.  “There are a lot of things we want to fix; there are some new things we want to put in,” said Coach O.  “We’re going to continue to put in some things according to the personnel.  I think we still have a long way to go to get where we want to go,” admitted LSU’s head coach.  One of the things Orgeron hinted about was adding more designed running plays for quarterback Joe Burrow.

LSU has a chance to win 10 games this season with a win over UCF in the Fiesta Bowl.  That would be a significant accomplishment for a team that was projected to win 7 games.   “It sets us up for next year where we want to be.  This game is going to last all the way to next season.  It leaves a good taste in our mouth going into recruiting,” Coach O explained.  Right now the Tigers 2019 recruiting class is among the best in the country with National Signing day coming up on December 19th.

The Tigers have a bad taste in their mouths over the way the regular season ended in a wild seven overtime loss to the Aggies. “That’s enough motivation for us right there,” said Coach Orgeron.  “We are going to go out and practice well, and play well.  We didn’t win our bowl game last year.  We’re going to set the tempo in practice, the way we practice is the way we should play,” an emphatic Orgeron said.  However, the LSU team that ended the regular season November 24th is different from the team that will play UCF in the Fiesta Bowl. “This is going to be a new team, it’s not going to be the same team that played our last game,” Orgeron said.  CB Greedy Williams will not play in the game, he’s going to the NFL.  CB Christian Fulton will miss the game due to injury.

One player who remains in the lineup on the Tigers defense is All-American linebacker Devon White.  Unlike Williams he chose to play in the game, despite a promising NFL future.  “He could have opted not to play, but he has a lot of pride.  He has unfinished business.  I think Devon is the ultimate team player that is why he’s one of our team captains.  He did what he should do and finish the season with his team,” said Coach Orgeron. 

Now that could be taken as a shot at Greedy Williams, but Coach O says he understands why Williams decided not to play.  “I am old fashioned; I think the team comes first.  I understand he’s a possible top 10 pick.   Greedy is a father already.  That was a family decision he made,” Orgeron explained.  If Greedy was already thinking about the NFL and doing what is right for his family, it might be best that he not be around for the Fiesta Bowl. 

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