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Brees: Absolutely, the Saints are special

His thoughts on yesterday's improbable comeback win

Kristian Garic
November 20, 2017 - 1:48 pm


Over the Saints eight game winning streak, we've seen some pretty interesting moments. None more interesting than the 34-31 overtime win over the Washington Redskins yesterday.  The Saints had 2% chance of winning the game down 15 points with less than three minutes remaining in the game. QB Drew Brees put the team on his back and delivered a masterful come from behind win, and the teams eighth win. The Saints haven't had a close game until week 11.  The previous seven wins, the Saints were winning games by an average of 20 points.  The three point win over the Redskins will bring that average down a bit but Brees says a team can learn more from a close win like this one, more so than a blow out win.  

"You learn so much more from a win like this, more than the one like last week (against the Bills). When you overcome what we overcame being down 15 points in the fourth quarter, just understanding what had to happen for us to win and then making it happen. This is where you grow, this is where you feel like no matter what the situation we can find a way to win," Brees added. 

The Saints win came with a price, the team lost two more starters on defense to injury.  DE Alex Okafor (achillies) is likely out for the season. CB Marshon Lattimore (ankle) also left the game in the first half and didn't return. Lattimore will likely return soon, the injury isn't believed to be serious. 

Championship teams find a way to win games like this. Special teams find ways to win games they have no business winning. The 2017 Saints are drawing comparisons to the 2009 Super Bowl team, and rightfully so.  That 09 team was special, but what about this years version of the Saints.  Are they special? 

"Absolutely, the great thing is we come in every day hungry, ready to learn ready to get better.  We haven't scratched the surface yet, how good can we be? Let's go find out," Brees said.

Think about this - in 2009 we witinessed the largest second half come back in team history that season agains the Miami Dolphins.  This year (yesterday) we witnessed the largest fourth quarter comeback in team history.  The parallels ​are similar but the book hasn't been written on this team just yet. Enjoy the ride and let's see how good this team can be. 

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