Bobby loves the Saints 2018 schedule, Deuce has concerns

Kristian Garic
April 19, 2018 - 5:56 pm

Ready for some football?  We are!  The season doesn’t kick off until the second week of September, but here’s a look at the schedule for the Saints.  Like any other schedule it has its usual twists and turns, but it’s favorable. 

The Cajun Cannon Bobby Hebert says, “The Saints should be 5 and 0 or at worst 4 and 1 heading into the bye in week six.”

Hebert feels that the schedule right now looks very promising for the Saints. 

“In the Saints history- when they’ve gotten off to a great start - they have a great season, because they’re not playing catchup.”

He calls the schedule, “Saints friendly.” 

He insists, “It gives the Saints the best potential start that I can recall – as far as strength of schedule is concerned.”

Hebert likes the fact that the Saints play Thursday night games back to back.

“Going Thursday on Thanksgiving - against Dallas – there are no excuses.  It’s like a regular work week, because it’s Thursday (against ATL) to Thursday (against Cowboys) not Sunday to Thursday.”

The Cajun Cannon calls it a mini bye between Dallas and Tampa going from Thursday to Sunday.

Things could get wild down the stretch.

“To close out of the season is going to be a playoff atmosphere; playing at Carolina, the Steelers at home, then Carolina at home.”

Hebert adds, “To me the Saints could lose 2 of the last 3 and still win double digits.”

Check out Deuce McAllister’s thoughts and my two cent below the schedule…

Saints color analyst Deuce McAllister says the schedule is interesting, and has mixed thoughts for 2018.

 “This is the Dallas Cowboys’ schedule last year, where they were featured in so many prime time and 3:25 kickoffs.  Obviously, the networks and the league think highly of the Saints.”

He says that on paper it looks good.

“The NFL has confidence once again in the Saints based on the amount of primetime games they have.  I’m not a fan of having the bye week so early, it puts a lot of stress on you at the back end of the schedule,” explained Deuce.

Five primetimes games is about what you would expect for a Super Bowl contending team coming off a divisional round playoff berth last season.  

I am surprised, however, that the league chose Washington over the Eagles for a primetime matchup.  Two of the five prime time games are at home and the NFL finally gave the Saints a home Thursday night game, albeit on Thanksgivings day.  The Saints play back to back Thursday night games this season in weeks 12 & 13. 

The roughest part of this schedule is from week 3 through 8, when the Saints only play one home game in that stretch, which does include the bye in week 6.  

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