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VIDEO: Kristian & Bobby disagree on Saints WR Brandon Coleman

Has the much maligned WRs play improved?


One of the most consistently maligned players on the Saints' roster is third year receiver Brandon Coleman.  While he has had some flashes of excellence in training camp so far, he has also had some mental mistakes.

"He jumped offisdes (today)," says Saints sideline reporter Kristian Garic.  "Those are the kinds of little mistakes that we've seen over the last three of four years that he has overcome at times. I don't know that he's going to be able to do that this time and make the roster."

WWL's resident pro Bobby Hebert disagrees.

"But I thought as far as catching the ball Brandon Coleman has had two good practices," says the Cajun Cannon.  "You know who didn't have as good a practice today?  Delvin Breaux."

Who beat Breaux on a huge catch-and-run downfield?

"It was Coleman," noted Hebert. "He double moved him."

Watch their debate on Coleman, and the rest of their thoughts on day 2 of Saints training camp in the video below


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