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LISTEN: Les Miles talks about taking the field at Tiger stadium one more time

Miles recounts some of his favorite Tiger memories

”The Last Lap with Seth Dunlap”
October 17, 2017 - 10:23 pm

By Seth Dunlap, co-host of "Double Coverage" (weeknights 8-11pm)

Les Miles returned to LSU's Tiger Stadium on Saturday as his 2007 National Championship team was honored at halftime.  It was a bit surreal for the former Tiger head coach, coming back just a year after he was fired mid-season by the team.  Miles joined WWL Radio's "Double Coverage" on Tuesday night and recounted the very warm reception he got from fans.

"It made me smile," Miles said.  "I'm attached to (the fans).  The one thing that they do know about me is I love my team, I love representing the Tigers, and I love taking the field at (LSU) . . . Death Valley is really where opponents dreams come to die.  I was very touched, very touched."

Miles even took his trademark taste of grass when he took the field . "The grass had a familiar taste," he said.  "Trust me I knew what I was going for there."

Miles is currently an analyst for Fox Sports and is planning on doing work for the Big Ten Network.  He also is hosting his own podcast that allows him to recount some of his favorite memories as a Tiger coach, and comments on the lives of his children, all of which are, or will, be playing Division I college sports. 

"It's a lot of fun.  We don't take ourself too seriously and we have a lot of fun," he says about the podcast, which you can find at ThePlayersTribune.com 

Listen to Miles' full interview on "Double Coverage" by clicking the podcast below.  You'll hear him talk about the false rumors spread by Kirk Herbstreit in 2008 who said Miles had accepted a job at Michigan, how he remembers some of his most viral press conference moments, and what his plans are in his post-coaching career.

Les Miles Interview

Former LSU head coach Les Miles joins Kristian and Seth to talk about what he's up to post-LSU. Plus he talks about his time from this weekend during the 2007 national championship ceremony.

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