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McAllister, Strief explain discrepancy in Robey-Coleman, Thomas fines

Helmet-to-helmet hit deemed cheaper than cell phone celebration

Fans and the Pro w/Deuce McAllister
January 26, 2019 - 11:06 am

Many members of the Who Dat Nation got up in arms all over again when the NFL announced that they would be fining Rams cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman for the pivotal hit on Saints receiver Tommylee Lewis that wasn't flagged near the end of the NFC championship game, particularly when the amount of the fine was announced.

Robey-Coleman will be docked nearly $27,000, a little more than $3,000 less than Saints receiver Michael Thomas received for his touchdown celebration that paid homage to Saints great Joe Horn by utilizing a cell phone hidden under the goalpost wrap.

Friday afternoon on WWL Radio, Deuce McAllister and Zach Strief explained why the discrepancy exists.

"That's because of the [collective bargaining agreement], the agreement being that's the schedule of the fine," McAllister said. "Since that was Coleman's first helmet-to-helmet fine, that was the schedule. Now if he has another one, it will basically double. But he's never had that penalty before, and that's why, through the agreement with the C.B.A., that's what the players agreed upon."

"You don't get fined more because it happened in a big moment. And the reason that that fine is lower than Michael Thomas's fine is that's an in-field, actionable penalty," Strief added.

"Mike Thomas chose to pick up the goalpost cover and pull a cellphone out and call, so you can avoid it. From a players' union standpoint, let's try to get as little a fine as possible for helmet-to-helmet because sometimes it's literally impossible to avoid for those guys," Strief said.

You can hear the full audio of their explanation by clicking the podcast link.

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