Don: Could a Louisiana bill make it harder for gun owners to protect themselves?

Don Dubuc
May 16, 2017 - 3:52 pm

Could Louisiana take away a homeowner’s right to use deadly force against home invaders?  Well, it's possibility because of House Bill 424.  HB 424, by Representative Rodney Lyons, would do just that; and the full House of Representatives is scheduled to hear the bill on Wednesday. 

Now, there's a lot of legalese in the bill itself, so I wanted to get some help sorting through this and making sure I (and you) understand it.  To help me, I spoke with Dave Newman, owner of Concealed Carry NOLA.  Basically, HB 424 would change the Castle Doctrine.

"The theory is that you're home is your castle.  You have more right to defend the area of your home than you do in the public area where we all have the same rights.  In Louisiana law, it's about the keyholder.  If you hold the key to a place, you should be able to lock the doors and be safe and to have the right to protect that area."

Alright, we've got that covered.  Your home is your area; and if an unwanted somebody breaks in, you can defend your area.  In addiction to affecting Castle Doctrine, Newman said it could affect stand-your-ground laws as well.

"Unless it's a domestic violence situation, it's basically saying any other circumstance is requiring you to retreat."

The way I'm reading it is that this would be a huge change in the law for people who have to defend themselves in their home or even their vehicle.  I had an incident with someone trying to illegally enter my vehicle; and, while I managed to thwart the carjacking without using my gun, under this law, I could've been required to try to leave my car and run away

What do you think?  Are you “for” or “against” this bill?


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