Deuce McAllister says Sean Payton can be a P#%&k on game day - he competes

Deuce McAllister
January 18, 2019 - 9:02 am

There's been much hullaballoo about the social media beef between Los Angeles Rams cornerback Marcus Peters and New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton.

After the Saints beat the Rams in Week 9, 45-35, and Michael Thomas broke off 211 yards receiving and a score on Peters, Payton told the media he liked the Thomas-Peters matchup that resulted in a New Orleans touchdown. Peters fired back...

"Tell Sean Payton, keep talking that s---, we gonna see him soon," Peters said in response to Payton's barb. "You feel me? Yeah, 'cause I like what he was saying on the sideline too. Tell him he can keep talking that s---. And I hope he sees me soon. You feel me? Then we're gonna have a good little, nice little bowl of gumbo together."

The skirmish that played out in the media was fun to watch. But what's going to happen on the field in the NFC Championship Game?

According to Saints color analyst, and former running back, Deuce McAllister, expect New Orleans to attack Peters again. Because that's the way Payton rolls as a head coach.

"Sean Payton can be a pr---," McAllister told Hugh Douglas and John Fricke on 92.9 Atlanta's Game Morning Show. "I will admit that, Sean Payton can be a guy that gets under your skin a little bit even from a coaching standpoint.

"They will take calculated shots. It can't be a situation where you're steady going after him. I think if you're going to make some plays it's going to have to be in the slot. There will be calculated shots, maybe some double moves late on Marcus because he likes to jump routes. And so knowing that, he will sit on a route or two and I think if you have a chance to use a double move on him then that's what you want to do."

The postgame press conferences will be a hoot if the battle between Thomas and Peters changes the NFC Championship Game in either direction.

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