Deuce: Cowboys are a legit concern for the Saints

Deuce McAllister
November 28, 2018 - 9:03 am

The Saints got this, right?  10 and 1 taking on a Cowboys team that is 6 and 5.  Dallas won three straight, but they play in a weak division.  So, no biggie.  Not so fast says Saints color analyst Deuce McAllister. “The Cowboys offensive line can control the line of scrimmage, and if you have to send another guy to bring pressure, now you’re leaving your defensive backs in one on one situations,” stressed McAllister.

Dallas has an offensive line similar to the Saints, a tough group that can get after you in the running game and pass protect well.

The Cowboys sit atop the NFC East, winning most recently against the Eagles, Falcons and Redskins. What’s the catalyst for three back to back wins?  Deuce says look no further than the recent acquisition of wide receiver Amari Cooper from the Raiders.  “If you look at the Cowboys turnaround, it’s when Cooper was traded to them. It’s helped take pressure off that receiving corps, because they have a legit number one,” McAllister added. Cooper is coming off a 8 catch performance last week with 180 yards receiving and two touchdowns in Dallas’ win over Washington.

McAllister says the Cowboys defense also presents issues for the Black & Gold.  “They can get after the football as far as running to the ball.  They can fill gaps, and cause problems,” said Deuce.

The Cowboys are 3rd in the league in points allowed per game, and 5th best in the NFL against the run.  The Cowboys are giving up on average just 19 points per game.

But the biggest threat, according to the Saints all-time leading rusher, “They have playmakers.  Plus, you’re on the road.  You still have to travel and you have to go out and play the game,” said McAllister. 

Sure, they have to play the game, but the Saints are unbeaten on the road this season and we’ll see if that continues Thursday night in Dallas.

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