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Who was the best football coach in the SEC this year?

Deke Bellavia takes a look

Deke Bellavia
December 15, 2017 - 7:27 pm

Ok they say in life that everyone is entitled to their opinion.  Well here is my opinion when it comes to talking about what coaches did the best jobs this season in the mighty SEC.  Now this is only about this season and this is not a poll or take on who I think are the best coaches in the SEC.  AGAIN, this is my take on the coaches that I think did the best jobs this season with their football teams this season.

  1.  Kirby Smart Georgia – It’s a slam dunk!  To take a team to the East title, the SEC overall championship and the college football playoffs speaks volumes about the job that Smart has done in Athens.  But this season is just scratching the surface so to speak.  Smart already has two of the nation’s best offensive linemen pledged to sign with the Bulldogs as well as the nation’s best overall QB.  Smart is stockpiling the talent in Athens.  And when you look at the issues going on in Gainesville and Knoxville, the Dogs of UGA could have a strong grip on the SEC East for quite some time.  And to think Kirby Smart could win a national title in his second season only sets the table for some of the great things he can accomplish with his hometown Bulldogs. 
  2. Barry Odom Missouri - After allowing Missouri State 43 points and a ton of yards the season looked bad from game one even though the Tigers beat their in-state foe.  However things began to sink and nearly sunk when the Tigers lost their next five games in blowout fashion falling to a dismal 1-5 and after six games the Missouri Tigers were by far the worst team in the SEC.  But then Coach Odom and his staff did one hell of a job with an in season turnaround that was as good as I’ve seen in a very long time.  Missouri finished the season on a league best six game win streak to finish the regular season 7-5 and the Tigers finished tied for 3rd in the SEC East.  Odom proved that you don’t have to wait until next year to make big strides. 
  3. Ed Oreron LSU – Some may decide to put Mushchamp here or Mullen.  But I’m going with Coach Ed Orgeron.  3-2 after five games with losses to Mississippi State and Troy had many in Tiger Town wondering if their Bayou Bengals could win another game.  What Orgeron did was rally his troops and pursue to win six of their final seven games to end the regular season with six SEC wins for the first time since 2012.  And the Tigers enter their bowl match-up with Notre Dame with a shot to win 10 games for the first time since 2013.  The Tigers went from many questioning their coaching hire to  being hailed as a team to watch that can be serious contenders starting in 2018.  LSU seemingly has their future QB, a young already proven solid group of offensive linemen, and a host of returning starters that should lead the way for some of the nation’s top level recruits.  Not quite as drastic as an in-season turnaround like the one in Missouri.  But not that far off either!
  4. Dan Mullen – Mullen really looked as if he could land at my top spot after his Bulldogs ran all over LSU.  But back to back blowout losses to UGA and Auburn bumped the new Florida coach to #4.  Hey, Mullen is a proven coach and now he has the power and the clout to become one of the most herald coaches in the nation on a yearly basis.  But on the flip side what Mullen does in Gainesville will overshadow all the good he did in Starkville.  Hey it is what it is! 
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