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He helps you bet the weekend of football games

Deke Bellavia
December 15, 2017 - 9:01 pm

Ok the way too many college football bowl season is here and there are only three weeks left in the NFL regular season.  So without saying a lot of meaningless stuff to just fill up the paper, let’s get down to business.

Pro Plays

Way to easy looking pick of the week:  New England @ Pittsburgh

Ok over the course of well over 15 years many of you have read, heard and have seen me say things that well are just me.  When it comes to the Vegas side of the things I almost every week I’ll say that looks like a sucker bet.  Or man that looks way to easy doesn’t it? 

This game between the Steelers and the Patriots is one of those classic examples of it looks too damn easy.  Steelers QB Big Ben has passed for over 1400 yards and 12 TD’s in the last FOUR weeks.  That is off the chain as they youngsters use to say.  But Big Ben has been BIG garbage against the Pats.  In fact, the Steelers have only won once against the Pats during the Brady versus Big Ben era, and that was a regular season game. 

Simply put the Patriots own Pittsburgh.  Ok what we do know is that these teams are led by their highly potent offensive units that feature future Hall of Fame signal callers.  Even though the Patriots are coming off a season low 7 points in New England’s blowout loss at Miami, hold the phone if you will. 

In life give me a winner, a hard worker, a champion, a baller any day of the week and I like my chances.  But give me that same hard working, champion, winning baller after he has not played his best and I like his chances even more.  Almost like a guarantee.

Some of you are like “Deke what the hell are you saying.”  Well in this game I’m not at all worried about the Pats offense scoring points.  I’m far more concerned with the Steelers.  YES, I said I’m more concerned with the Steelers.

I know all of there big time players that have consistently made big time plays all season long.  But ask yourself when is the last time those big time Black and School Bus Yellow players have made any big plays against the Patriots?  Ah that would be mmm never!

So the total this week in this game is 53 ½.  Anyone with any kind of sense would easily tell you that the play here is without a doubt over the posted total of 53 ½.  But I’m seriously worried that the Steelers will not get theirs in this game.

Yes every one I’ve talked to has said that they think these teams will combine for 53 points in the first three quarters alone.  And all of my guest handicappers have all agreed to take the overs in this game.  Yes the obvious is what scares me the most.

The best, most sound and smartest advice is to take the overs in this game. I think we all tend to get down on making plays due to that certain feeling, hunch we have prior to making the final call. 

Yes take the overs.  But my hunch says this game goes under the posted total of 53 ½.


Seems like a lock to me!

Seattle Seahawks minus -2 over Los Angeles Rams

In a winner take all and loser most likely to fall to the 6th seed if not all the way out of the playoffs altogether the Rams bring their young hot QB to the most dangerous home venue in all of professional sports.

And what makes this even more fun is the fact that the Seahawks are coming off a game in which they were given a taste of their own medicine from a young team that is somewhat similar to them.

Yes I know that this is not the Richard Sherman nasty as they want to be usual Seahawks team.  But to me Seattle still strikes the fear in opposing teams especially when the Seabirds are playing at home. 

Seattle can take control of the NFC West with a win and keep their run for another shot at the Super Bowl well in place.  And likewise for the Rams, a win here gives the Rams the lead in the NFC West and a very good shot to remain in the hunt for one of the top seeds.  Remember the Rams have the tiebreaker with the New Orleans Saints which could very well be the factor in being the 3rd seed or the 4th seed this post season should they win the West.

Rams QB Jared Geoff has some solid outings under his belt this season giving Rams fans (whoever and wherever they are) a hope that the future is bright in La La Land.  And as long as Goff keeps trending in the right direction, and most importantly the Rams keep Wade Phillips as their defensive coordinator, the Rams will be a major player in the NFC for the future.

But hey, I’m going with solid footing in this one and give me R.W. and that nasty D of Seattle’s this week.  Russell Wilson is a big game player, and since this man entered the NFL all he has done is win big game after big game.

Wilson and TE Jimmy Graham are hot this season, they are at home and they have the 12th man behind them.  I like the Seahawks big time.  And if I were calling a game a lock of the week this would be the one I would claim is my lock.  Take the Seabirds and give up 2 ½ to the Rams and make a deposit on Monday AM. 

Other pro plays

Carolina minus -1 OVER Green Bay:  Cam strikes again in the return of AR game. 

Oakland plus +3 OVER Dallas:  The Raiders are still alive in the AFC West hunt and they are at home.  Go with the Silver and Black over the Silver Stars in this one.

Road Dog of the week - Chicago plus 6 ½ OVER the Detroit Lions:  Man I hope that John Fox does enough to save this job.  I feel like if there is a team in the NFC that is close, very close to being a playoff contender it’s the Chicago Bears.  If this team had any kid of vertical passing game they would have at least three but possibly five more wins.



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