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Jaguars, Trojans, and Bears oh my!

Deke Bellavia
September 13, 2017 - 10:21 pm

Hey I only tout good stuff when there is good stuff to tout.  So I'm going to gloat a little bit this week.  Last week I posted a 6-2-1 mark in college and NFL combined.  And overall through two weeks my record stands at 10-4-1.  Now last season was by far my worst in the last 10 years as I was barely .500.  And usually after a week the plays get harder to make as the boys in the desert get pretty much on point and become very hard to defeat.

So again I'll repeat my logic, I never have a set amount of games I pick.  Meaning if I feel like I see 10 games I like I'll make 10 plays.  But if I see only 5 plays to my liking I will not be sucked in (or at least I try not to) into making moves on games I don't have a strong feeling for. 

College Plays 

UCLA -3 OVER Memphis:  You know Vegas seems to put at least one sucker bet on the board each week.  This to me is a sucker bet.  I would think that if UCLA is a Top 25 Team than beating Memphis on the road is something that does not seem that hard to do.  But things that don't seem hard to do usually are.  Just like trying to pick winners!  

Nebraksa Minus -14 OVER Northern Illinois:  The Huskers hung tough last week way out in Eugene.  And if they are going to make any noise in the Big Ten this season then getting a double digit win over NI they need to do.  Hey I know the Huskers QB. It's Tanner Lee.  Hey Tulane how can this man start in Lincoln and not in New Orleans?  I  mean I'm taking Green Wave not Saints here ya know?  

Florida minus -4 OVER Tennessee:  Just like the ole ball coach use to say "you can't spell Citrus without U-T.  The Gators have plenty enough defense and I think more than enough offense to start up the get rid of Butch bashing again.  Go Gators!

USC minus -14 OVER Texas:  Another sucker looking bet here.  After hammering a good Stanford team I think the Men of Troy will prove that they are better on run defense.  And I think Sam I am Darnold will have a big game!

Cal plus +3 OVER Ole Miss:  The Bears are 2-0 versus the spread this season.  And the Rebels have to travel across the country to face the Golden Bears.  Hey didn't Ole Miss want to be Bears too?  Or was that just Land Sharks?  

NFL Plays

Jacksonville Plus +1 OVER Tennessee:  I know that the world will be betting the Jags here, but what the hell.  After all it's been over three years since the Jags have been over 500 at any point during any of the last three seasons!  Please beleive it.

Baltimore -7 OVER Cleveland:  I'm just going with common sense here.  Now please hear me out before you begin bashing me.  If the Ravens picked off Andy Dalton four times last week can't they at least handle rookie QB Deshun Kizer at home?

Kansas City minus -4 1/2 OVER Philadelphia:  I am riding the Chiefs band wagon until proven wrong. After all they have been to the playoffs each season that Andy Reid has been coaching!  

Denver Plus 2 1/2 OVER Dallas:  I like the White Horses at home as a dog.  Dallas is hot but the veteran laden Orange Crush Defense will be too much for the Silver Stars in the Mile High City!  

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