Deke's SEC Rankings, week ten

Deke Bellavia
November 02, 2016 - 1:27 pm
Two decent games headline this week’s action in Oxford and Jacksonville.  So here’s this week’s SEC Rankings. 

1.     Alabama (8-0) – You know the only way the Tide’s defense does score if when they don’t play.  I wonder if Alabama will come up with a defensive TD or a special teams score this week in Death Valley!  This week @ LSU. 

2.     Texas A&M (7-1) – The Aggies look to be in good shape to run the table and then see what the rest of America does.  But winning the West is almost impossible, needing to the Tide to lose twice!  This week @ Mississippi State.

3.     Auburn (6-2) – Their defense is shaky but this team is running the ball as good as any team in America.  You know the Tigers used four different running backs on three of their scoring drives against the Rebels? Those Iron Bowl tickets are getting more and more expensive! This week vs Vanderbilt

4.     LSU (4-2) – After a week’s rest the Tigers now get ready to entertain #1 Bama.  And I agree with LSU’s Dwayne Thomas - LSU will have to dominate Alabama to have a chance to beat the Tide.  Even if LSU does dominate the Tide it’s going to be close.  I’m saying Alabama is that good!  This week vs Alabama. 

5.     Florida (6-1) – Florida now has some breathing room in the East and if Florida can win their next two SEC games, that make-up game with LSU won’t mean a thing.  Not even for Tennessee!  This week @ Arkansas

6.     Tennessee (5-3) – Ok can we put Tennessee to rest now?  I wonder if all of the pressure on Florida and LSU to play their game would be as loud now after these boys lost to South Carolina?  This week vs Tennessee Tech.   

7.     Arkansas (5-3) – The Hogs have a shot to run the table and be a ten win team if that takes place, and then can win their bowl game.  However the Arkansas team that played Auburn won’t be able to do that!  This week vs Florida.

8.     Kentucky (5-3) – You know with all of the 'who’s going to win the East' talk most about Florida and Tennessee did yall know that the Wildcats of Kentucky are alive and well in the SEC Title hunt on the East side?  Yes the Wildcats have two more SEC games and with wins there and some help from LSU and Arkansas, yes, I say yes, Kentucky could win the SEC East!  WOW that side of this conference is as bad as ever huh? This week vs Kentucky.  This week vs Georgia. 

9.     Ole Miss (3-5) - A 7-6 season is looking more and more like reality.  Ole Miss is a team that is better than their record but not by much!  Just think two years ago the teams from mighty Mississippi were battling it out not only in the SEC but in the top five of the nation.  And now the annual Egg Bowl will be for the title of 'stay out of the basement!'  This week vs Georgia Southern. 

 Missouri, Mississippi State, Vanderbilt, Georgia & South Carolina

South Carolina looks to be the best of the bottom feeders right now.  Other than that not much to say.  However Vanderbilt can also land in a bowl with two more wins this season. 
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