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Dekes NFL Top 10 - Week 11

Deke Bellavia
November 16, 2017 - 10:39 am

The Eagles are now rested for the home stretch.  The Steelers are not playing well.  The Pats can land another #1 seed.  And, down South, the Saints and Panthers are setting up a winner take all showdown at the Mercedes Benz Superdome.  Here goes this week's top 10!

  1. Philadelphia Eagles – The Eagles are flying high, and if Philly gets by the next four weeks with dates versus Dallas, Chicago, Seattle and L.A. Rams, these Eagles could lock up home field throughout post season.  Last week Philly had a BYE / this week @ Dallas.     
  2. New England Patriots – It’s business as usual for Tom and the Pats.  It looks like a two team race for the top seed in the AFC, and it may come down to their date with the Steelers in a few weeks.   Last week the Pats beat Denver 41-16/ this week @ Oakland.
  3. New Orleans Saints – Six rushing TD’s, 298 yards rushing and 47 points.  Oh yes, not too bad for those knuckleheads that label the Black & Gold as a finesse team.  Hey NFC teams - better not let this team get home field!  If the Saints do…look out Minnesota.  And I mean an early February trip on dat one!   Last week NOLA beat Buffalo 47-10/ this week vs Washington.
  4. Minnesota Vikings – Minnesota sure looks like a team that will to be in the running for all the marbles in the NFC.  Big one this week with the Rams in town.  Last week the Vikings beat Washington 38-30/ this week vs Los Angeles Rams.
  5. Carolina Panthers – The Cats roll into their BYE on a roll winner of their past three games.  I’m telling everyone, if and when Cam decides to run the football…the rest of the league is in trouble.   Last week the Panthers beat Miami 45-21 /this week BYE. 
  6. Pittsburgh Steelers – The Steelers don’t like playing on Thursday night.  And, from the looks of things, some Steelers players don’t like playing on Sundays.  This team is very inconsistent.   Last week Pittsburgh beat Indianapolis 20-17/this week vs Tennessee.   
  7. Los Angeles Rams – The Rams have scored 33,51 and 33 points in their last three games.  And, with that defense, they don’t need nearly that much.  DQ Wade Phillips is without question the greatest Defensive Coordinator of all-time.  Look it up.  Last week L.A. beat Houston 33-17 / this week @ Minnesota.     
  8. Jacksonville Jaguars – Jacksonville is around to stay.  Well, I think for this season anyway.  And, if the JJ’s keep on rolling, they could be in the mix for one of the top two seeds in the AFC.  Last week the Jags beat Los Angeles Chargers 20-17/ this week @ Cleveland. 
  9. Kansas City Chiefs – The Chiefs had the week off and now need a strong finish to get back in the home field hunt.    Last week KC had a BYE/this week @ New York Giants.   
  10. Seattle Seahawks – The Hawks are hurting with the loss of team leader Richard Sherman.  But they still are more than nasty enough on defense.  And, with RW on offense, the Seahawks can still be a dangerous team.  BUT, they may fade some down the stretch.  Last week Seattle beat Arizona 22-16/this week vs Atlanta. 


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