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Deke's College Football Rankings

Deke breaks down the contenders for the Playoff

Deke Bellavia
November 27, 2017 - 10:23 pm

Will the Canes get if they beat Clemson?  Will the UGA Dogs win round two of the Deep South’s oldest rivalry?  If the Badgers win they are in and that’s the way it should be.  But a two loss Ohio State team getting in over a one loss Tide Team just ain’t right.  Here’s this week’s best eight teams going into championship weekend.    

1. Clemson – Clemson took care of in-state rival South Carolina last week and now faces a situation where either the Tigers can be #1 or out of the playoffs!  This week vs Miami in ACC Title Game.

2. Oklahoma – Baker sat out two plays and then took care of the mountaineers.  And now the Boomer Sooners are one win away from the playoffs.  Could TCU derail Baker and the Boys?  Possibly!  This week vs TCU in Big XII Title Game. 

3.  Wisconsin – NOBODY gives the Badgers any respect.  This team plays sound, physical football.  And now the rest of the country will put more stock into the Badgers if the beat Ohio State and land in the playoffs.  This week vs Ohio State in Big Ten title game.   

4.   Auburn – Win again and they are in like Flint.  I mean after beating #1 twice and another Top five team in three out of four weeks how can you keep the Plainsmen out of the playoffs?  This week vs Georgia in the SEC Title Game. 

5. (Tie) Alabama – If it comes down to Alabama and a two loss Ohio State Team I don’t know how the playoff people could leave the Tide out.  But they very well might do it!  Regular season complete./ Georgia – The Bulldogs took care of Ga. Tech and now can land in the playoffs with a win over Auburn

7.  Miami – Again this is not the U, these are the Miami Hurricanes.  And unless they beat Clemson in the ACC Championship they will fall perhaps out of the top 10.  And even with a win some might be hesitant to place them among the top four.  This week vs Clemson in ACC Title Game. 

8.  Ohio State – Yes they beat a not so good Michigan Team.  But if the Playoff committee allows this Buckeyes team to land in the playoffs over a one loss Alabama Team then this so called group of experts are all a bunch of hypocrites.  This week vs Wisconsin in Big Ten Title Game.   


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