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Deke: Why did LSU hire Matt Canada?

Deke Bellavia
January 02, 2018 - 6:57 pm

As he worked through the Tigers Citrus Bowl game versus Notre Dame, he has put in one year and 18 days on the job for the LSU football program.  That's Matt Canada, who came to LSU a little over a year ago like he was going to be the “savior” of an LSU offense that had been underperforming and underachieving for years.

Tigers Coach Ed Orgeron sang the praises of his new hire.  Now it seems the relationship is over, and for those counting...this short-lived, short term relationship is going to cost some long term money.

Canada signed a three year, 1.5 million dollar per year, contract with LSU last December.  One has to wonder why did LSU hire Canada in the first place?

Some have told me Orgeron wanted to make a signature splash by hiring a hot up-and-coming OC.  Many others have written or given their theories about why Orgeron hired Canada, but this breakup is still head scratching.  And, without a doubt, we are all correct when we assume something went wrong.

Was Canada turned off by a hands-on head coach?  Was he misled when he was hired?  Did Canada not fit in with the rest of the staff like Orgeron wanted him to?

Regardless of what each of us thinks, something did not click, hence the fallout.  The bottom line to me - all the conjecture, confusion, distraction falls on the head coach’s watch.  If you take things a step further and look at all of that goes on in a university's athletic program, the Athletic Director holds responsibility too. This once again has dysfunction written all over it, and truthfully, I can’t help but link this points to Joe Alleva.

Without rehashing all of the questionable moves that have occurred at LSU with Alleva at the helm, I’ll just say that until F. King Alexander and the big money people at LSU want to kill the image of a poorly run operation with puzzling deals and practices, LSU athletics will continue to look questionable.

Now as one of the best football seasons in a handful of years comes to an end, everyone that cares about, covers and talks about Tigers football is raging about how flawed the decision making is. 

Hey, it does not matter what side of the fence you may be on.  Bottom line, LSU wants to compete and play at a high level across the board.  Until their board of trustees gets, and demands, a high level of accountability, the athletic department will continue to be one that many assume is under questionable leadership.

That, folks, is not Deke Bellavia talking.  That is the feeling of the rest of the nation.  That’s the feeling of a Tiger Nation, who want to be respected as an organization with smarts and integrity. 

The saga continues; still no definite word from anyone on the future of Coach Matt Canada.  With every tick of the clock and every grain of sand that falls through the hour glass, this drama (and trauma for many) looks more like a soap opera whose ending has yet to be written.

There’s speculation everywhere, but until LSU gives us official word about the Coach O-Matt Canada saga, guessing and conspiracy theories will continue.  And, in big time college football that is not good.

Honestly, the word on the street is not favorable.  The casual sports fan and serious LSU fan question the ability of the A.D. to handle both routine situations and complex hires.  There’s a crisis of confidence, raging questions about competence and who’s really running the Purple & Gold football operation. 

If the conclusion to this leads LSU back to the man who was calling plays before the Tigers went out in search of their next “great offensive mind,” then one has a valid right to ask - why did LSU hire Matt Canada in the first place?

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