Deke: LSU sends strong message that Aranda is their guy

Deke Bellavia
January 04, 2018 - 6:34 pm

No matter what side of the fence you were on, when it came to what LSU should do with Defensive Coordinator Dave Aranda, the LSU big timers sent a loud and clear message,  “Dave Aranda is “our guy!”

The current state of the LSU football program is in a weird kind of limbo.  The Tigers fan base is deeply divided.  Most who bleed purple & gold are seriously concerned about the immediate future of this team.  And the majority of fans are split right down the middle about the head coach. 

One thing I do know, just about every LSU fan agrees on - LSU had to retain Dave Aranda.  To give a defensive coordinator a one million dollar raise less than a year after he was given a big raise, sends a clear message - the powers that be at LSU love what Aranda is doing.   This move also tells me those who make the calls were also seriously worried about the 2018 season and what could happen if Aranda left Baton Rouge.

LSU Head Coach Ed Orgeron had nothing but good things to say about the Tigers thwarting an attempt by Texas A&M to steal Aranda.  “I’m very happy to report Dave Aranda has agreed to be with our program for years to come. Thanks to Joe Alleva, Dr. Alexander and the board of supervisors for their support in making this happen. Geaux Tigers.”

That was a tweet from Coach Orgeron late Wednesday night.  Now LSU must turn their attention back to the Tigers’ offense.  Current Offensive Coordinator Matt Canada has long been rumored to be on his way out. 

But again, only speculation.  No matter what happens to Canada, and no matter who is going to be the Tigers offensive coordinator, LSU knew they could not afford a double loss - Aranda and Canada. 

Had LSU not been able to retain Coach Aranda, this fan base would have imploded.  The people behind the scenes, who control Tigers athletics, know that the widespread panic and negative rage is something they wanted to avoid at all cost.  Right now that cost looks like about 2.5 million dollars per season.

What happens in the future no one knows.  But this commitment to Aranda, and thereby renewed commitment to Tiger football, sends a clear message that LSU means business.  And, Dave Aranda is a significant factor in Purple & Gold business going forward.  Everyone agrees Dave Aranda is their guy.



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