Will there always be corruption?

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
April 30, 2019 - 12:11 pm

It seems that no matter how many powerful people get locked up and lose everything, there is no shortage of more people waiting to face the same fate.

Chris Roberts is going down after what feels like a lifetime in Jefferson Parish politics.

He has watched friends and colleagues around him pay the price for corruption, but apparently thought he could get away with it when they couldn't.

It seems that one after another politicians and people of prominence in business believe that while so many before them have been caught, that they will somehow escape getting busted for their corrupt behavior.

Do they really believe that, are they just stupid or is the risk worth the reward to them?

Whatever the reason, the fact is that there has always been and apparently will always be corruption.  Going back as far as there has been records of human behavior, there has been corruption.

Our listeners had thoughts on this as well.  They sent the following texts to 870870 during the Early Edition of WWL First News:

  • Character is in short supply these days
  • The reason people continually break the law is human beings are naturally a rotten species.
  • With Great-Power comes great responsibility a Line from the older spiderman movie
  • Well they got Edwin Edwards ....ray Nagin,....missed Marc morial and his family ......so u win some you lose some
  • Dave people snitch when the heat is on them!!
  • All the politicians are corrupt; yet we still vote them back in. So who's fault is it really???
  • It's from a cartoon but nothing more true with great power comes great responsibility
  • Interesting how an individual in power commits a crime and leaves their job for another job and expects the public to forget about it. Interesting.
  • Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely
  • The guilty will go to jail unless their name is clinton
  • It's not what's legal or moral, it's about what you can get away with or stand to risk. Like gamblin', greedy adrenalin rush, livin' on the edge. "A man should never gamble more than he can stand to lose".
  • Put their ass in jail in general population and quit babying them because they have power, money or a politician. Quit giving them climate control, books, TV etc. 
  • Individuals or put behind bars but it is just like it got darn resort, we need stricter laws and people with a backbone to put them where they belong.
  • Not all politicians are corrupt, but they do encounter a lot more temptation
  • They know when they get caught they will go to the holiday inn , send there asses to Angola
  • power corrupts .....
  • There is always more bad guys than good you cant stop it. Only. God can
  • Some people who do things that may not realize it is illegal and do the worse thing by covering it up or lying about it
  • even if they get caught. they go to a" country club " prison for a year or two. ....... BIG whoop....
  • GREED...
  • We will always have people among us who are going to do the wrong thing. When law enforcement cannot keep up with the bad people it is then that we have a problem.
  • Politics! Where pigs get fat but hods get slaughtered.
  • You're right Dave, it is a result of the human condition. But there is a solution
  • Drug dealers!!!! They will never catch me!!
  • Chris Roberts is a lil privileged pompous ass.
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