What is WRONG with people!?! Woman cuts off own hand to get insurance money?

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
March 13, 2019 - 6:59 am

I have an insurance policy that covers "accidental death and dismemberment."  I have joked with my wife in the past about if it would be worth it to lose an appendage to get some extra money.  It was, however, just a joke.

Police say one woman actually did it!  Her family allegedly helped.

Details in a minute.  First, what are body parts worth?  Well according to AIG, if you have a $250,000 AD&D policy... here are examples of payouts:

  • Both hands or both feet: $250,000
  • Sight in both eyes: $250,000
  • Hand & foot (simultaneously): $250,000
  • One hand & the sight in one eye: $250,000
  • One foot  & the sight in one eye: $250,000
  • Speech  & hearing: $250,000
  • Ear: $125,000
  • Hand: $125,000
  • Foot: $125,000
  • Sight in one eye: $125,000
  • Thumb and index finger: $62,500

So, while this is not a complete list, it gives you an understanding of how it works.  

Keep in mind that the key word in the name of the policy is "ACCIDENTAL."  It is not and Intentional Death and Dismemberment policy.  That means that if you intentionally lose a limb, you will not get paid.

Okay, here are the details of the case that had us talking about this on the Early Edition of WWL First News.

A 21-year-old woman in Slovenia allegedly used a power saw to cut off her hand.  Investigators say it was a scheme to collect insurance money.  She ended up with nothing.  

First, cops says after she severed her hand just above the wrist, her family rushed her to the hospital without bringing the hand.  Police say this was an attempt to make sure it couldn't be reattached.  Hospital staff, however, sent someone to the scene to get the hand... and they did reattach it.

Furthermore, investigators say the woman and her family had FIVE separate policies with FIVE different insurance companies they were trying to cash in for the hand.  Authorities say that was a pretty big clue that there was some fraud involved.  

In the end, the woman and her family end up with no money, a reattached hand and criminal charges.

I have crowned this woman as the reigning Queen of the What is WRONG with People!?! File.

Here is the original story from the AP...

 LJUBLJANA, Slovenia (AP) _ You've heard the saying about a person cutting off their nose to spite their face? This is a story about a woman who cut off her hand _ and is going to face prison time. Authorities in Slovenia say a 21-year-old woman used a power saw to cut off her hand _ to collect insurance money. The woman, who wasn't identified, claimed she was cutting tree branches when she severed her left hand just above the wrist. Officials say family members left the hand behind rather than bring it to the hospital _ to make sure the disability was permanent. Doctors, however, recovered it _ and reattached the hand. Authorities were tipped off when they realized the family took out insurance contracts with five different companies. Police say they sniffed out the scam before any payments were made.  

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