What is WRONG with people?!? Grandmother swipes $100 bill

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
January 12, 2018 - 9:05 am

So if you were walking through a store, and you saw someone drop a $100 bill... what would you do?

Cops say an elderly woman in Rhode Island not only picked up the Benjamin, but told a kid nearby not to rat on her.

While I would have to consider what to do if I just saw money on the ground, I am hopefully confident that I would immediately return it to someone that I witnessed dropping it. 

Listeners to WWL First News Early Edition from 5am to 6am had a variety of answers...

"I would give the 100 dollars back and God would award me in much more better ways!!!" One listener texted to 870870.

Another said, "If I saw the person drop the money I'd give it back to them no matter the amount. If I did not see who dropped it is probably keep it."

Here are some more:

"If I see them drop it I’m giving it back, if it’s on the floor and no"

"I found a $100 bill on the floor of a casino once, and then I asked around to the people who was sitting there if they had lost any money. Until I found the owner who actually did"

"Found a roll of money at Walmart. Gave Walmart my number if someone lost money. A lady call me and told me how much it. She knew how many 20 and 10 it was. It was he momma money for her medicine"

"Yes you should give it back. The more it is the more it will hurt them if you keep it"

"ONLY if I see them drop it will they get it back"

"My grandfather taught us that if the money is not yours leave it where it is."

Here is the story from the Associated Press:

WARWICK, R.I. (AP) _ Rhode Island police say they've arrested a 76-year-old woman caught on camera swiping a $100 bill dropped by a fellow customer at a clothing store, then shushing a boy witness. Warwick police say they charged local resident Dorothy Andrade with misdemeanor larceny in connection with the Nov. 4 incident at a Burlington Coat Factory. She was issued a summons to appear in court. Authorities say they identified Andrade after posting surveillance video of the incident on Facebook. It shows a shopper dropping something while browsing gift bags, then a woman picking it up and shushing a boy by putting her finger over her lips. 

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