Alyssa Salgado via AP

What is WRONG with people!?! Day care allegedly waxes child's unibrow

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
February 08, 2018 - 12:45 pm

A mother says that the workers are her two-year-old daughter's day care took it upon themselves to wax the little girl's unibrow.

Excuse me?

"I go pick up my daughter yesterday and saw a red mark in between her eye brows," Alyssa Salgado said in a Facebook post. "These WOMEN decided to WAX MY DAUGHTERS uni brow."

As you can see in the pictures Salgado posted, here daughter clearly had a unibrow stretching from one side of her head to the other, and then she didn't.

If these allegations are true that the day care workers felt that the unibrow was so in needed of fixing that they removed the hair without asking the mother's permission, that is outrageous.  As a father of four, I cannot imagine anyone trying to alter any of my kids' appearance without first asking... even if they felt it was ugly and needed fixing.

I get that some people find a unibrow to be unattractive, but to go to the extent to wax it would be absolutely wrong - if true.

Furthermore, the Pelicans' Anthony "The Brow" Davis has clearly shown that having a unibrow does not prevent someone from becoming successful... and rich.  How do you think he would react to this story?  Scroll down...


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