What is WRONG with People!?! Cops pulling drivers over and giving them turkey

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
November 14, 2017 - 10:41 am

You may have heard of various programs around the holidays where police officers pull people over and give them a turkey.  We got to talking about it this morning after reports out of Montana that police officers were pulling people over for traffic violations and running their record to see if they had any warrants.

If the driver was not wanted for any crimes, contempt of court or other warrants; then the cop gave them a turkey.

Here's the problem.  Police were finding minor violations to stop people, like not using their turn signal.  While this is technically illegal, it is generally not an offense that leads to a traffic stop.

So... if you were pulled over and scared out of your gourd when the flashing lights come on behind you; and the officer takes your license, registration and insurance; only to come back and give you a warning and a turkey, would you be happy?

I sure wouldn't.  Getting pulled over is a horrible experience and big time consuming ordeal that is not made good by ending with a free turkey.

I would rather skip the whole getting pulled over and buy my own turkey!

One listener texted us at 870870 and shared a similar experience.

"I absolutely agree with you. I was once pulled over and the cop gave me a freakin blue ribbon for using my seatbelt. I was Furious."

Yeah, and you can't even eat a blue ribbon!

Please, please, please don't ever pull me over to give me any kind of reward.  

Bottom line, stopping a driver to reward them lands that officer / agency right in the What is WRONG with People!?! File.

Here is the AP story that inspired the discussion:

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) - Some Montana drivers got Thanksgiving turkeys instead of tickets when they were pulled over by traffic officers. The Billings Gazette reports that officers with the Billings Police Department checked for outstanding warrants after pulling over drivers for traffic violations. If they found none, they issued a written warning and a frozen turkey. A local businessman bought 20 birds and asked the department to distribute them in time for the holiday. Driver Larry Riddle appreciated the surprise after he was pulled over for not signaling a turn. Riddle's wife died of cancer and he lives alone on a limited budget. Each year, he tries to make a holiday meal for his daughter and himself.  

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