What is WRONG with people!?! Burglar tries to watch TV with couple in their bed

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
November 14, 2018 - 10:20 am

So imagine you are turning in the for the night, in bed with your spouse and watching some TV... when a total stranger decides to join you.

A couple in Georgia didn't have to imagine it.

Police say a man broke into their home and climbed into their bed.

The victims tell police that when they tried to run away from the suspect, he ran with them down the street.

Cops say when they responded and tried to use pepper spray to stop the suspect, he was unfazed.

They eventually subdued him, and police say he confessed to taking crystal meth before the incident.

At some point during all of this, he also allegedly exposed himself.

The suspect is charged with criminal trespass, public indecency and indecent exposure.

Here is the original story from the AP:

 AUGUSTA, Ga. (AP) _ It's one thing to break into someone's home. But a Georgia man is showing it's another thing altogether to break into a home _ and then make yourself at home. News outlets in Augusta say 29-year-old Christopher Lindner is facing several charges, including criminal trespassing. A report from the Columbia County Sheriff's Office says Lindner broke in to a home last week _ and jumped into bed with the couple, who was watching TV. As weird as that is _ it got weirder. The report says the couple fled the home _ and the intruder ran after them. Eventually responding deputies found Lindner lying in a roadway _ and he fled from them, too. When authorities caught up with him, they pepper sprayed Lindner _ to no effect. Then, authorities say Lindner then tried to get into a law enforcement vehicle. He was then struck with a metal baton _ and taken into custody. The report says Lindner admitted to being on meth.  

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