What to Eat Tuesday, the best fries!

So many choices...

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
December 11, 2018 - 2:40 pm

Regardless if it's traditional French fries, waffle fries, seasoned fries, crinkle cut, curly, shoe string, sweet potato, steak fries, debris fries or any other kind of French fries... people love fries!

So, where are the best fries in town?

We asked listeners this morning for What to Eat Tuesday on the Early Edition of WWL First News.

We got dozens and dozens of text messages to 870870 with people's favorites.

Some version of fries in roast beef gravy got a lot of votes.  Some places call them debris fries, others fries and gravy or some other similar name.  We had about 15 different places suggested for those.

The restaurant that got the most texts was Rally's.  McDonald's came in second.  Five Guys was third.

We learned from WWL TV Meteorologist Dave Nussbaum that you can buy Rally's fries at the grocery store.  He got some at Rouses and baked them.  He said they were fantastic.

WWL News Anchor David Blake voted for the endless fries at Red Robin.

I couldn't narrow it down to one of several places I love for fries swimming in roast beef gravy with sour cream, cheese and chives.  I've had great ones at Randazzo's, City Diner and Koz's.

Here is the list texted to us between 5:00am and 6:00am...

  • Checkers/rally's fries are my absolute favorite
  • Chili cheese fries from Bud's Broiler
  • Bulls restaurant from Long Beach Mississippi has the best steak fries
  • Rally's
  • Love Crinkle Fries. Chic-fi-la has he best waffle fries hands down.
  • Cajun fries from Bobby Hebert's. Yum!
  • Wendy's baconator fries
  • The best fries are homemade fries at home
  • Homemade fries with real potatoes
  • Best fries are mcdonalds
  • Debris fries fromfrom Parkway!
  • At McDonald’s
  • Canes for crinkle cut
  • Robin for steak fries and short stop for French fry and roast beef debris and gravy poboying and ranch.. 
  • of course regular Cajun fries from Rally's
  • New Orleans hamburger And seafood potato wedges with garlic butter... Mooyah Sweet potato fries with honey... Wing stop French fries with extra season
  • Cajun cannons loaded fries, SignMan out
  • popeyes batterd frys
  • five guys
  • Gravy fries from the goal posts in Raceland Louisiana
  • Rallies kind of fries the seasoned ones I want to know where those are at!!!!
  • mcd's best fries
  • Walk Ons waffle fry with cheese on the side to dip
  • Debree fries at Your Moms Restaurant in Hammond.
  • Dressed gravy fries Goal Post Raceland.
  • French fries and gravy pool boy from Fat Boy’s Seafood in Manchac
  • Hand cut fries with sea salt at Balise on Carondolet and fries at Luke!
  • Five Guys
  • McD's
  • Rallys fries
  • Walk On's waffle fries with ranch dressing.
  • Jaeger's has hand cut fries that are delicious!
  • Mr. Poboy in Houma; Gravy fries
  • Wingstops french fries are really good!
  • Red Robin unlimited fries
  • City Diner - Fries and Roast Beef Gravy
  • Koz's debri fries - Harahan (shoe string)
  • Rob's cheese fries at Randzzos - Metairie (crinkle cut)
  • Dry dock fries at Chookies seafood in Hammond
  • With all this french-fry talk, I can hear your arteries clogging from here.
  • Bacon ranch cheese fries at District Donuts Sliders Brew
  • Blake from Labadieville says Best fries are the pizza fries from peppers pizzeria they taste like hot pocket filing drizzled over fries...
  • The place is call Our Mom's in Hammond and the fries are amazing!
  • 5 guys fries
  • Lee's hamburger has the best fries. Always fried to order
  • Camellia Grill chili cheese fries
  • Chili cheese fries in Bud's broiler
  • The best French fries are at Logan's chicken in Picayune Mississippi 
  • We Dats cheese and RB gravy fries
  • Devil fries at Sammys on vets
  • Best fries..,truck farm tavern in st.rose with brisket debris and cheese. Worth the drive.
  • Five guys Cajun fries (sent with Loud Effect)
  • "Killa" fries @ Southside Cafe in Slidell. Chilli, melted cheese, onions, and jalapenos. A meal in itself.
  • Best shoestring fries are at Legacy Kitchen on Vets in Metairie. Crisp and not greasy.
  • Mr . Poboys in Houma sissy fry's in gravy
  • Roast beef and debris fries from Giorlando's in Metairie
  • Rally/checker fries at home with a homade bacon burger with a side order of Lipitor
  • Whataburger fries on Segan lane
  • Sissy fried from Mr Poboys in houma
  • The Harbor
  • Everyone knows mcdonalds has the best fries
  • Wing stop best
  • Rally's fries covered in manwhich and shredded cheese
  • Arby's
  • Arbys curley frys
  • Buffalo chips with chili and cheddar cheese at Buffalo wild wings.
  • Messy fries from Dempsey's Seafood in Baton Rouge shrimp crawfish cheese with gravy
  • Stay home and fry your own potatos! Fried potatas are the best!
  • Cravin' french fries and a grilled cheese, made with Texas toast, with dill pickles on the side. M-m-m-m! Warm, melted, cheesy goldeness! Get this at Sonic Drive-Ins. Very satisfyin' AND convenient too! You don't even have to get out of your car!
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