What do you pay for TV?

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
February 11, 2019 - 9:49 pm

I added up my cable, internet and streaming services bill today.

You see, we were talking about what shows are worth watching these days.

I mentioned that I feel pressure to watch shows on all of the different services I have.  So, if I haven't watched something on Netflix in a while, I feel like I have to find something to justify paying for it.

Then I think I better use the HBO I pay for, the Showtime, Amazon, Hulu and so on.

That was what led me to total all of the monthly costs.

$251: Cable TV and premium channels (with internet and home phone... although I'm not sure why I have a home phone)
$12: Netflix
$10: Amazon Prime
$8: Hulu
$281 Total per month

How much do you pay?

I put that question to the audience.

Some were in the same ball park.

"$250 a month, $300 during NFL season," one person texted.

Another said, "My bill is $301.00 5 boxes."

Others pay a lot less.

"Sling tv $40 bucks a month," one person said. But that doesn't include to cost of internet.

Another texted, "I paid 135 and have everything that you have all the movie channels cable and high-speed internet."

Now, I also have boxes on four TVs.  I also feel like I have a professional responsibility to be able to watch everything so I can talk about it.

Could I cut the cost? Sure, but at what cost in terms of programming?  What would I give up?

Some people suggested I get a jail-broken Amazon Fire stick.

"Get a hacked Fire Stick," one texter recommended.

Another said, "If you have one of those special fire sticks you can watch anything You want just pay for Internet if you catch my drift."

Problem with that is that it is illegal and technically stealing.  Sure people say they can watch just about anything, even current movies in theaters, but again it is illegal.

I know that doesn't stop some people, but it is not how I roll.

Here are some other texts people sent to 870870...

  • $82 a month with DIRECTV
  • 287$ a month. About to change to sling
  • I pay $330 to Cox cable and Internet With all the premiums and $14 a month for netflix. I also pay $420 a month for our families 5 cell phones. They have unlimited Internet as well. It was up to me we can get rid of most of it but the kids and a husband won't allow it!
  • About $65 a month $12 Netflix $50 Cox
  • I make about $1200 a week I give my wife my check and she lets me watch television. So as far as I'm concerned I pay about $4800 a month for cable
  • I'm paying exactly $49.99 a month for internet. Bought 2 Fire sticks for $24.95 each. If it's not on the fire stick, I just don't watch it.
  • 65 / month
  • $177 cable and high speed internet
  • Cable, high speed internet, and firestick $120 per month
  • I have Hulu Netflix and Amazon prime and pay 98 bucks a month
  • $300/month?! what is wrong with YOU?! we're around 140
  • I pay 25 month
  • Message we have completely cut the cord. Wii U sling and Netflix and we have internet and a antenna for local stations. So we probably pay about 60 bucks a month.
  • Cable has priced themselves out of business I have Netflix Amazon and Hulu and internet probably about $90 a month all combined
  • The boxes in every room adds up quickly.
  • I cut out cable and pay 40 a month for playstation vue. It's awesome. Great TV selection and 14 extra for HBO on Amazon. 69 for internet
  • $230/month
  • I pay 69$ for everything cause I work for AT&T
  • $140 a month for AT&T cable and internet. We have all the channels except startz, Cinemax, etc and two boxes
  • We pay 62.00 for internet, 120.00 cable and 320,00 for cell phone! We pay way to much!
  • Dave you have to negotiate with your TV provider to make them bring down your subscription cost for at least a year. Just call them up and say hey I've been a customer for a long time and what can you do to give me a discount and threatened to go to another one if they won't cooperate.


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