What do you call the thing you push through the grocery store?

The results shocked me...

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
February 28, 2019 - 9:37 am

I don't know if I learn something new EVERY day, but I definitely did today.

We were talking about WalMart getting rid of "people greeters" at their stores and it led me to mention the classic debate between buggy and shopping cart.  So, I asked our listeners to text me at 870870 and tell me what they called it.

I expected to see a lot of people insisting it is a buggy.  That is what I hear most often.  Everyone I asked here at the radio station, however, said they call it a cart.  Then what happened really surprised me.  Neither buggy nor cart won the text-off.

What did?

BASKET!  Yes, basket.  What?!?  It wasn't even close. How could I live here for 22 years and not know that people call it a basket.  I am usually pretty observant of local uniqueness in the words people choose to use.  I totally missed this one.

By the way, this must be very special to New Orleans.  An image search for grocery basket yielded almost exclusively the hand-held devices that very few people actually use in a grocery store.

Anyway here is how it broke down...

  • We call it a grocery basket
  • Grocery basket (basket for short)
  • Grocery basket crazy
  • Basket.
  • Grocery basket.
  • Shopping basket we call it on the bayou
  • Grocery Basket
  • Basket
  • Basket
  • Good morning. It's a shopping basket!
  • Grocery basket
  • Basket durrrrrrr
  • Basket
  • I don't use The word buggy or cart I say basket.
  • Buggy, cart... I call it a Basket
  • Good morning, where I come from we call it a basket
  • It's a Basket.
  • Issa basket!!!
  • We've always called it a basket
  • Its a basket!
  • Neither cart nor buggy its a basket!
  • Basket
  • In New Orleans we call it a grocery basket.. lol
  • It's a shopping basket.
  • Basket
  • Buggy, cart, grocrey basket
  • In New Orleans we call it a grocery basket.. lol
  • I called it a basket
  • It's a grocery basket
  • I say basket
  • Basket
  • Basket
  • Neither cart nor buggie. It's a basket
  • basket
  • Basket
  • Shopping Basket ! CC
  • neither. It's called a BASKET
  • Basket
  • It's a basket
  • Basket
  • What is a cart ???? Always been buggy
  • Basket
  • Shopping basket!
  • Basket
  • Basket , not cart or buggy
  • We call it a Basket


  • Buggy.
  • I call it a buggy.
  • Good morning Dave, it depends on whether you're making groceries are shopping for groceries. If you're shopping it's a cart, if you're making, it's a buggy
  • I've always said buggie
  • It's a buggy here in Houma... They use shopping carts north of i-10
  • Buggy
  • Buggy


  • Cart Period
  • Something that you push through a store putting groceries in as a cart. Nancy Pelosi is Buggy
  • Cart
  • Cart


  • Husband calls it a carriage.
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