What benefit would be worth a pay cut?

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
November 09, 2018 - 8:02 am

A new survey shows that younger workers really want to bring their pets with them when they go to work.

Online retailer Zulily finds seven out of ten Millennials say they'd take less money if they could bring their pets with them to work

That is NOT on my priority list, but it got me thinking about what I would want as a benefit that would be worth taking a cut in pay.

I put the question to listeners this morning from 5:00am to 6:00am and the answers ranged from wild and crazy to extremely practical.

Some wanted to be able to smoke marijuana and not face drug testing.  Others wanted alcohol at work.  There were even those wishing for strippers and lap dances.

On the more practical side, a lot of people wanted health insurance.  Others wanted a four day work week, shorter hours, more casual dress code or more time off.

There were also calls for free food, free gasoline, travel and the right to curse out the boss.

Some just said they wanted the money over any benefits.

Here is the list texted to 870870:

  • Two alcoholic beverages a day
  • Being able to smoke marijuana. Not necessarily at work, just in general without the worry of a piss test and being fired.
  • I'd take pay cut for free child care
  • I would take a pay cut if I had access to healthcare
  • Shorts and flip flops
  • I would take a pay cut if all products and services especially doctors reduce their costs by 50%
  • Getting home before the sun goes down
  • I would take one to play games during work
  • Once a year receiving a first class round trip plane ticket to anywhere.
  • I already did it. Less pay for more time off. There is a value to quality of life. Have a great weekend!
  • Paid Insurance
  • I have been working for 43 years! Real work has no place for your pet. "Millennials NEED TO GRIW UP"! ???
  • I would take a pay cut to sip some whiskey at work and have strippers available lol
  • Less pay would be accepted if I could play my own music anytime I wanted.
  • I'd take a pay cut at work if we had a free daily pizza and pasta buffet.
  • Massages at work like at the casinos
  • Free gas for my own vehicle
  • Working from home
  • Luv a secratey
  • Be able to smoke pot
  • I'm a teacher, I take a pay cut every time I work at home.
  • I will take less money if I got a much bigger bonus that would make up for the smaller pay and then some
  • Free healthcare
  • Nothing
  • More vacation time
  • Nothing. Show me the money!!
  • Take home vehicle.
  • Babe I would take less money at work if I'm allowed to call my boss and asshole once a day
  • Lower healthcare More 401-k match More stability
  • If managers would show respect .
  • I'll take a pay cut to save my job and keep insurance benefits
  • I would take a cut for free healthcare
  • I wouldn't take a pay cut but I'd like to leave around noon on all Fridays durning football season
  • I'd take a pay cut for more of this frolicking weather
  • As a teacher, I'd take a pay cut to have time off for lunch, a chance to leave the premises and run an errand.
  • To work 4 tens instead of 5 eights
  • I'm a millennial and you couldn't pay me enough to take my dog to work with me
  • Luv more secraterys
  • Co ed bathrooms :D
  • Free lap dances
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