Were firefighters right to run hose through car parked in front of hydrant?


"This is what happens when you park in front of a hydrant," according to a post from firefighters who arrived to battle a blaze and found a car in their way.

It happened in New Jersey, where crews broke a car's windows and ran the hose through the front seats.

It has generated social media controversy with strong showings of support and opposition.

We asked listeners to the Early Edition of WWL First News to sound off on the situation.  Here is how they responded (as they texed to 870870)...

  • That's what they get for parking in front of a fire hydrant
  • If the car is park next to a curb you don't have room under the car!
  • I don't know what kind of a point there making with the photograph, because 9 times out of 10 that's covered by insurance
  • That is standard practice for the fire apartment you can't go under the car or around the hoses have tons of pressure behind them and they Can get kinked up they shouldn't have the car by the fire hydrant
  • It would've been faster to throw the hose over the car thanks run it through it
  • Do not block the hydrant serves them right
  • Not the first time this has happen. Pat on back to these firemen.
  • They had to do it. Shouldn't park within certain distance of hyfrsnt5
  • The car owner got what he deserved. But I think it would've been faster to just slide the hose under the car
  • Of course the fire fighters were right to bust the windows.
  • There's going to be repercussions of that I understand the car was in the wrong spot but fireman don't have a right to destroy your product they could have gone around the front or they could going around the back giving him a ticket at a toad 

Here is the story that prompted the conversation...

(AP) _Firefighters had to break the windows and run a hose through a car that was blocking a fire hydrant in New Jersey. 

The fire crew arrived on the scene of a house fire in Hamilton Township but found the car parked in front of the hydrant. 

A picture posted on the Hamilton Township Professional Firefighters' Facebook page showed they punched out the windows and threaded the hose through the car. 

They had the fire under control quickly and no one was injured.  

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