Is it cool if the woman in a relationship earns more than the man?

Are we really that fragile that we have to lie about how much we make if a woman earns more than a man?


The US Census Bureau released some new analysis that finds people lie about their earnings on Census forms if a wife makes more money than a husband.

The news release titled, "Shhh... I Make More than My Husband," explains that both men and women tend to bend the truth if the woman is the bigger bread winner.

"When wives earn more than their husbands do, a puzzling thing can happen: Husbands say they earn more than they are and wives underreport their income," the release explains. "New Census Bureau research shows that the incomes couples report on Census Bureau surveys do not always match their IRS filings."

Analysts trying to improve the quality of reported earnings compared survey responses with IRS filings.

"When a wife earns more, both husbands and wives exaggerate the husband’s earnings and diminish the wife’s."

I find this kinda crazy, but I get that some men do have egos so fragile that they are embarrassed of they are not the bigger earner... and woman apparently don't want to make their men feel bad or are also embarrassed that their men make less than they do.

Personally, I don't care who makes what in our household.  The more money we have, the better... regardless of who makes it.

Make that money, honey!

Listeners to the Early Edition of WWL First News had some very interesting takes on this.

Some texted us at 870870 saying they have no problem with a woman out-earning a man:

  • I'm retired army. Wife is a Dialysys RN. I have no shame in my game. I got my sugar momma. 
  • I'd be ok with the dog making more than me. 
  • I make 50,000 more than my husband he loves telling his friends that he's a kept man 
  • My check fits inside of my wife check four maybe five times times and I am okay with that like you said make that money 
  • Amen! God Bless her. Make that money and spend it on me! 
  • I'm finally glad that my wife has caught up i'm so happy she's going to pass me up 
  • They've been having a meme going around saying "real men pays all the bills" and I'm sick of it.. 
  • Take the I out of marrige and put the We in it! 
  • My wife is the Caviar winner in our family and I love it ! 
  • I'd love it if my wife made more money than I do. Do you know where I can find her 
  • My wife is a department supervisor at a local hospital where I am a surgical nurse she makes probably twice what I do I definitely don't have a problem with that maybe I retire earlier 
  • I make more than my husband and he will tell other people I make more money than he does. But he also tells them I have a very mentally and physically challenging job. 
  • I make 55000 a year as a federal employee. She makes 133000 as an anesthesia nurse. Neither one of us have issues with this 
  • If my wife made more than me I'd be happy who cares you both spend it 
  • I don't care that my wife makes more than me she owns her own business she went to college she has a masters degree I'm proud of her 

Others, however had a more traditional viewpoint:

  • As a woman who makes more money than most men ...... trust me they say they like it ..... but they DO NOT.... 
  • Only thing my wife needs to bring is my sandwich and beer 
  • Whoever makes the most, "Wears the Pants" 
  • Women are hard enough to deal with. That would be a hell of a day if she made more 
  • Most men don't care who makes more they just don't want the Friends and family to know because they are embarrassed 

Then there was this text to 870870:

  • The guys who have problems with their wife earning more than they do. Have bigger issues than money.

Click here for more information from the Census Bureau...


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