Are employees at your workplace guilty of time theft?  Many admit they do it!

Read worker justifications and boss frustrations

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
October 01, 2018 - 8:06 am

Report after report finds that people waste a lot of time at work, and it is costing companies big bucks.

Several recent reports site the American Payroll Association estimates that time theft can cost companies as much as 7% of their gross profit.

An article on the business website says the average worker wastes more than half of the day doing things that are not work related.

"You're probably only productive for around three hours a day," according to the article

The author, Melanie Curtin, says a study of nearly 2,000 full-time office workers revealed that most people aren't working for most of the time they're at work.

She says workers are doing all kinds of things during an average day that are not work related:

Reading news websites--1 hour, 5 minutes
Checking social media--44 minutes
Discussing non-work-related things with co-workers--40 minutes
Taking smoke breaks--23 minutes
Making calls to partners or friends--18 minutes
Making hot drinks--17 minutes
Texting or instant messaging--14 minutes
Eating snacks--8 minutes

This turned into quite a contentious topic in the Early Edition of WWL First News.

We had both employees and employers fired up.  

Many workers admitted they "steal time" because they are underpaid, overworked or getting back at the boss.

Managers also vented about the challenges of keeping people productive.

Here is some of what they texted to 870870 from 5:00am to 6:00am:

  • I steal time because they've stolen my SOUL!!
  • If you feel that you need to steal time you could always start your own business and be the boss or are you not controled enough to do that.
  • Under paid and over worked so it is what it is
  • Maybe some of these people complaining about not getting raises or paid enough would be making more if they were focusing on work and not wasting time.
  • I may have extended conversations with coworkers, but I'm also on-call all of the time and expected to answer calls and emails without extra pay.
  •  4-5 hrs a week Try 4-5 a day
  • Have not gotten a raise in 8 yrs so you get you pay for.
  • OMG I run a restaurant and it drives me insane. Especially these liberal females that feel that the world should cater to them. I'm 25 years old and have employees much older than me that work for me and whenever I watch them, they just circulate snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Over and over again
  • Stealing time! About 50% of my time goes to useless meetings all day. An the other 50% get charged to figuring out what they want u to do. What a waste!
  • Stealing time is a major issue. we break every 2 and half hours, but for some reason I am constantly seeing employees on their phones sending text and watching YouTube. I love my wife but I believe I can go without talking to her for at least 2 and half hours. The funniest thing is that these same employees will complain about getting out too late.
  • As long as the job gets done as expected what does it matter
  • I work for myself. So no, I don't steal time from myself.
  • My boss is ahead We work 45 get pay 40
  • Yes the ones that are complaining the most are the ones abusing it the most,and this not from a boss
  • I barely have enough time for a P break my love the steel pipe
  • Don't blame it just on the cell phones. Why not come down on the frequent smokers and the ones who spend a lot of time on the toilet!
  • I work with a guy that barely looks up from his phone
  • If my employees would work as hard as they play on their phones, my job would be so much easier
  • Dave I'm stealing time right now
  • It's a non-stop battle to keep workers working
  • What about a boss that steals time from his salary employees and makes them work over 49 hours a week
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