No lunch for you

Fewer workers taking a lunch break

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
September 14, 2018 - 9:29 pm

What's for lunch?  Nothing.  That's the answer more and more American workers are giving.
A recent survey found that only about half of us actually take a traditional lunch break at work.  

OnePoll in conjunction with Eggland’s Best found that 50 percent of U.S. workers don't take a full lunch break anymore.

I haven't taken a lunch break in years, and most of the people I know either eat at their desk or not at all.

We asked listeners to the Early Edition of WWL First News if they take a lunch break.  Most told us that they do not.

The reasons for skipping lunch varied.  They included trying to get more done, get done earlier and to get more money  .

Here are some of the texts people sent to 870870 between 5:00am and 6:00am:

  • my lunch time is automatically taken out of my paycheck every day but sometimes I still do not take a lunch if it is really busy
  • Most of the time I take a lunch Nap
  • no lunch breaks. U bring what u eat with you and eat when u can
  • As a boss I encourage then to take a lunch and breaks
  • I drive trucks for coke, some days i stop for lunch on my route, some days I'll eat while driving between stops, some days i go without (energy drinks power the days without lunch)
  • Hell Yes! and somebody's else if I get a chance
  • Working as a nurse so thankful for 30 minute lunch break...we are encouraged to take our break.
  • I work for a major distribution company in Harahan .I don't take a lunch break I normally grab something on the go like a protein bar. I can't go home unless my route is finished so less time wasted the quicker I get home
  • I drive trucks for a living I bring my lunch with me every day and about 90% of the time I don't even eat my lunch because of how busy we get
  • I take a lunch,but the boss thinks I didn't so I get paid- ha ha!!!
  • I use to go out everyday but now our new office has a cafeteria in it and everyone must buy into it weather you at or not
  • I get half hr lunch break. Only take lunch half the time and I work from home twice a week. I forget
  • Im a field mechanic. Between the physical labor and D.O.T. hour of service rules, i havw to take lunch break.
  • For me lunch break is an anomaly just like vacation
  • I take lunch 11 to 1230 every single day then have another meal before I leave work!
  • Dave, a project for you. Ever thought about calculating all those decades of given up your lunch break? Might be months or years, etc. Then when you get close to retirement ask your employer to let you retire that much sooner? If anything else you'll have fun just trying to figure out how much time you've given back for free. Could be a bargaining chip for a RAISE?! Lol
  • Manage your lunch manage your life...if you're that nervous in your job on daily bases to not manage a 30 min lunch you have bigger issues in life and work...


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