Super Bowl? One Saints player is breaking ranks and openly saying that is his goal

Is it cool for Cam Jordan to admit the goal is Super Bowl?

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
November 28, 2018 - 7:27 am

Is it okay for the first place Saints to openly discuss the goal of winning a Super Bowl?  It has been something coaches and players have seemed to avoid... until now.

Asked a few days ago if the team is even talking about going to the Super Bowl, Coach Sean Payton delivered a clear NO.

“No, no, not at all, only because there is so much football here," he told reporters. "We’re way, way, way shorter-focused right now, rather than extended like that. And I think that that has served us well." 

Saints QB Drew Brees echoed that this week.

A reporter asked if the team reassess or resets expectations with the team winning ten games in a row and in first place.

“No you don’t. You just focus on winning. Just focus on winning," Brees answered. "You just focus on winning and everything else takes care of itself. We're just trying to stay in the moment right now.”

After hearing all of that from the coach and quarterback, many were surprised when Cam Jordan openly said that the big game is the goal.

"We have Super Bowl on our mind," the Saints defensive end said. "Isn't that what you come into every season looking forward to?"

Jordan admitted that he's been thinking about it all season.

A reporter even asked, "I thought it was just the Cowboys?"

Jordan replied, "The big picture has always been Super Bowl."

He went on to explain that every week counts.

"This week Cowboys, but in terms of what you want to do at the end of the season: Super Bowl."

Jordan said he wants to speak it into existence.

I asked listeners how they felt about Jordan breaking with the practice of not talking about the Super Bowl.

"Sean and Drew should hold out saying super bowl, it's okay to say it use it for other players," one person replied in a text to 870870.

Another insisted, "I am a cam jordan fan,he can say whatever he wants,he is a smart proven professional."

Someone else said it's cool when you can actually make it happen.

"We have all the pieces to be great we had it last year and we have it now so it's more than okay to say Super Bowl we just have to keep playing saints football."

Another asked, "Isn't the Super Bowl the ultimate goal for every player on every team in the NFL."

There was a text that questioned why I was discussing this.

"Dude why are u being so bloody pety on CJ?"

And one listener got downright angry with me for asking the question.

"I wish you bunch of idiots would stop dissecting the Saints y'all can't enjoy the ride!!!!!!! You idiots need a team like Cleveland maybe you would appreciate what you have!!!!!!!!!!"

Well, okay then.

Regardless of what the players and coaches say or do not say, I know this... The Saints have a real shot at doing something very special this season.  I cannot believe that any human being on a team that has won ten games in a row, and is in first place with just four games to go, isn't thinking about the great chance they have to go to the Super Bowl.  

Of course they have to stay laser focused on each opponent each week to accomplish that goal.  Does not saying it out loud make it more likely?  I don't know, but if Payton and Brees think it is better for them not to say the words "Super Bowl," then they should stick with what works for them.  On the flip side, if Cam Jordan believes he - in his words - can "speak it into existence," then I hope he keeps speaking!

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