Sunday after Thanksgiving, what should we call it?

Doesn't it deserve a special name too?

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
November 24, 2018 - 1:00 am

The long holiday weekend comes with special names for each day, except one.

Thursday is Thanksgiving.

Friday is Black Friday.

Then, we have Small Business Saturday.

Cyber Monday has a special name.

What about Sunday?  It is the one day of the five day weekend with no special designation.

I put the question to our listeners, and they had quite a variety of suggestions.

There were dozens of texts to 870870. 

They dealt with everything from eating and relaxing to the Saints and escaping family to praying... and plenty of other things.

Which one do you like the best?  Read the list below, and then click the comment button at the bottom to let us know...

  • Catch up Sunday
  • Sofa Sunday. I'm not leaving it
  • Sober Sunday
  • Good bye falcon fans Sunday !!
  • Sabaticle Sunday... it's a bit of a stretch, but fitting.
  • Cyber list Sunday
  • Turkey gumbo Sunday
  • Go to Church Sunday
  • Free from the relatives Monday
  • Sold out Sunday
  • Premonday
  • This Sunday is the Catholic Feast of Christ the King. ❤️
  • End of Eating Leftovers Day
  • Sleep in Sunday
  • Recovery Sunday
  • Sorrow Sunday
  • The Saints are off this weekend. So it's Stress Free Sunday!
  • It's thanksgiving leftovers Sunday
  • Sunday after thanksgiving is the sabbath like every other Sunday.
  • Do whateva Sunday!!!!!!
  • Resting Sunday
  • Lords day.
  • Salty sunday
  • Broke
  • Give It A Rest Sunday.
  • Sleep Sunday !!!!!!!!
  • Day of digital rest
  • Sleepy Sunday
  • Isn't Sunday local businesses day
  • MUSEUM STORE SUNDAY is already a thing. This is the second year. The wwii museum is offering specials to members at the store, as are other museums worldwide.
  • Thanksgiving turkey gumbo Sunday
  • For religious ppl it's called " lords day "
  • Easy Sunday
  • Substantial Debt Sunday
  • Oh shit Sunday! Back to work tomorrow.
  • SOL Sunday
  • I got it...why don't we just call it "the Sunday after Thanksgiving" or just November 25th
  • "Who Cares Sunday"
  • Mercy from the food gods Sunday.
  • Sedentary Sunday
  • Self Sunday.... buy for yourself
  • Same clothes you slept in Sunday
  • Serenity Prayer Sunday
  • Sleep in Sunday
  • Sleep-in Sunday
  • Seclusion sunday, silent sunday, sleep in sunday
  • Who Dat Sunday.
  • Margarita get smashed Sunday
  • Safety belt Sunday. Busy travel day.
  • SBD Sunday
  • Satisfied Sunday!! Dats da ticket
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