Is it cool to snoop on a spouse's or significant other's phone?

It's apparently happening more and more

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
August 14, 2018 - 7:20 am

A number of surveys over the past several years show that more and more people admit to smart phone snooping.

Depending on which poll you look at, it is anywhere from 20% to 50% of people who say they secretly check up on their spouse or significant other by going through their phone behind their back.  Some of these are informal on-line surveys, so they are not as scientific.  Either way, it is clear this is a thing, and it is becoming more of a thing.

Do you ever look at your spouse's, boyfriend's or girlfriend's phone?  

The way I see it, if someone is going to cheat or have secret interaction with someone else, there are likely other signs of a problem in the relationship.  If you feel the need to snoop in your significant other's phone; it's generally because they have given you a reason not to trust them, or you have a guilty conscience and think they are also being somehow dishonest.

Cheaters often suspect they are being cheated on too.

I mentioned this morning that my wife and I don't lock our phones and leave them where the other can see them if they want to.  In fact; just last night my wife's phone text alert sounded, and she was cooking, so she asked me to read her text message to her.  I have done that too.  When she is closer to my phone, I will ask her to tell me who is calling/texting me.

I know many people, however, that NEVER let anyone else touch - or even look at - their phone.  They act like the contents of that phone require national security level clearance, that if violated, could lead to the downfall of society.  Maybe that's because if others knew what was on their phone, it could lead to their personal downfall.

It's complicated, I get that.  In general, however, it seems to me that we should be completely open and honest with out spouses!  That includes not hiding what's on our phones and not snooping either.

I opened this discussion to the listeners during the Early Edition of WWL First News.  The answers covered the full spectrum.

Here is a look at some of the texts people sent to 870870 from 5:00am to 6:00am... 

  • My wife and I trust each other, no need to check her phone. If you don't trust them you shouldn't be with them
  • I have pics that kids don't need to see so I lock my phone
  • I caught my wife cheating on me with someone she was chatting with on Facebook.
  • My wife and I trade phones once a week just to show each other who we are calling
  • No one should blindly trust anybody you never know what they could be hiding
  • I only have a work phone and I'm required to have a pass code.
  • Imagine if you died today, do you want people to see what's on your smartphone or your computer? Think about it.
  • Nothing good can come from snooping. If you think you have a reason to snoop you are probably right
  • It's a good way of seeing if they are cheating, snooping the text. They not going to tell you if they are cheating
  • I honestly glad my fiancé check my phone I give her my phone to check it because I have I have nothing to hide
  • I am not an insecure person nor do I not trust my spouse but you just never know what someone is doing or thinking behind your back.With technology today it is too easy for someone to hide information if they are doing something wrong and should not get offended if their spouse wants to check their phones or email.I feel on a yearly basis each person should be required to take a Lie detector test just for peace of mind for each
  • Our banking, credit card, and purchasing info are accessible from our cellphones. Three reasons we lock our phones.
  • I do have a passcode on my phone. But I also make sure that my wife has it. I believe you spell should be able to pick up your phone at any time
  • If my girl wants to check it with out me knowing that's the one way ticket out
  • My wife looks at my phone every once in a while. I have no problem with it. Her being nosy is hilarious to me.
  • The beginning of the end was near when she started closing her laptop when I walked into the room.
  • I don't care if my wife looks at my phone. But if she did and I knew it then it seems there MAY be a distrust issue (which IS an issue, right?).
  • If you ever lose your phone, you'll wish you had a lock on it
  • A lot of us keep our phones locked because we have a lot of personal information and bank account information on them. Don't appreciate you saying that we are more suspect
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