Should Jefferson Schools continue to ban President Yenni?

Parish president reminds voters of the controversy with request


After he was caught texting a teenage boy asking for sex, and allegedly kissed the teen in a public restroom after giving him some underwear, the Jefferson Parish School Board banned Jefferson Parish President Michael Yenni from setting foot on school properties or attending school events.

School board members say Yenni has since asked to have that ban lifted.

It comes as Yenni is having to start making concrete decisions on whether or not he will seek reelection.

Officials in Kenner are encouraging the school board to stand its ground.

The Parish council votes tonight on a resolution urging the board to not lift the ban. 

"The Mayor of the City of Kenner, E. Ben Zahn Ill, and the Kenner Council wish to express their support for... the Jefferson Parish School Board ban to continue," the resolution reads. "The Jefferson Parish School Board should maintain its ban on Michael S. Yenni from school facilities and school events, including sports contests and festivals."

It is authored as a joint motion of all Councilmembers.

It appears all Yenni has done by asking to have the ban revoked is call even more attention to the situation.

The request has prompted a whole new round of media coverage and officials, like those in Kenner, to renew their public declarations that they do not support Yenni.

It all comes after the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's election that saw Joe Lopinto surge back in the polls and win the race after John Fortunato had a lead disappear when he expressed support of Yenni.

So, it seems unlikely any politicians will support Yenni going forward.

Yenni has not been charged with any crimes.  Seventeen is the age of consent in Louisiana.

Listeners sounded off on the situation with texts to 870870 during the Early Edition of WWL First News from 5:00am to 6:00am...

  • Yenni has ruined his family name.
  • Mike Yenni's chance of being re-elected is like Satan winning a gold medal at the Winter Olympics.
  • The yenni name change thing creeped me out. The texting scandal flipped me out. The guy is sick.
  • NO Yenni
  • Seriously besmirched the Yenni name
  • His grandfather and uncle must be spinning in their graves
  • And yet he is still Parish President
  • I wonder what sins of promiscuity a lot of these stone throwers are guilty of

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