Unless you are riding with a killer in your car, you should not be at any increased risk in New Orleans CBD

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
August 15, 2018 - 10:37 am

Some of the chatter among people in downtown New Orleans is about the midday murder in the CBD on Tuesday, but much of the information people are exchanging is not quite accurate.

The initial story came out shortly after 2:00pm, that a man was shot in the head on Gravier Street.

Then we learned that a manhunt was underway for three "subjects" as SWAT surrounded a parking garage.

It understandably created fears and safety concerns.  People were picturing a sniper or band of armed thugs picking off innocent commuters.

It wasn't long before we learned that the shooter and the victim had been riding in a vehicle together, but that part of the story seemed to get lost in the conversation.

Loyola Professor emeritus Dr. George Capowich is a former cop and Criminologist. He says, "It's not there is some roving band of people running around downtown looking to shoot people."

So, if you aren't driving around with someone who wants you dead, it sounds like you are not more in danger as a result of this incident.

"People tend to assume the worst... it is how our imaginations work, especially when there is a violent incident," Capowich explained. "It is usually better to wait to get some details before jumping to conclusions."

He does note, though, that it makes sense to find the incident somewhat disturbing.

"Whenever anything like this happens in the community it is upsetting.  There is a chance of bystanders getting injured."

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