Mom working with kid strapped to back?

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
December 06, 2018 - 7:31 am

Do you ever bring your kid to work with you?  Well, one mom said she had no choice.  So, she strapped her son to her back and went to work at a Tennessee diner. reports that Kori Dotson unexpectedly filled in for a waitress shift, but her babysitter wasn’t home. So she strapped her two-year-old, Rhody, to her back and got to it.

A customer at the Tennessee diner snapped pics of the determined mom. 

I asked listeners during the Early Edition of WWL First News how they would react if their waitress had a kid rising piggy back.

The response was overwhelmingly positive.

"Imagine how the mother feels, most of us don't have to face that type of adversity," one person texted to 870870.  "There are two options when faced with adversity, succeed or fail. God bless her and her kid."

Another wrote, "Mom should be Commended. Kick dad in his buttocks."

"I say that waitress is an American hero. My mom was like that, rest her soul!" someone else sounded off.

Here are some more texts we received:

  • She's handling her business, a cute little baby would increase the amount of tip I would give her show she's got what it takes
  • Waitress has great work ethic
  • Commend her! We need more people with a work ethic like hers in this country.
  • I would've made sure I gave her one hell of a good tip
  • Give her a hand she what she had to
  • I would give her extra money for a tip
  • Called dedication. I'm hiring her if I'm looking for a new employee.
  • The waitress deserves to be commended and given a huge tip.
  • Props to the working girl with baby on your back
  • If the service was good, I would give a bigger tip
  • I'm a woman and I am self-employed. Work is a priority and I respect the waitress that prioritized work by bringing her child. Respect, but not hero worship. This work ethic should be the norm.
  • Last week at Perino's on Vets when we were buying our Christmas tree.... Lady was working holding her baby in a "chest carrier". She helped us, baby sleeping and mom seemed happy. All good! It was sweater weather so not too hot or too cold outside.
  • The waitress should be commended and also her boss for letting her bring her child to work
  • It would seem to be weird at first but the young woman deserves to be commended as well as her employer who's allowing her to do her job in this situation
  • Her tip would depend on how strong that two year old can make my margarita
  • I bet she did very well on tips also big up sister
  • I think she should get a raise to help pay for more reliable day care. Her work ethic and dedication to her employer should be rewarded.
  • Kudos to her and her boss for allowing her to do it!
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