Coach O: 'You need to play for your football team'

Orgeron and listeners sound off on Greedy Williams decision not to play

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
December 04, 2018 - 7:33 am

LSU star defensive back Greedy Williams is done playing for the Tigers.  He announced he will sit out the Fiesta Bowl as he prepares to go pro.

WWL's Bobby Hebert asked Head Football Coach Ed Orgeron about it.

"Obviously, I think you need to play for your football team," Coach O began to answer with a critical tone.

He went on, though, to strike a more respectful note.

"Some families make the decision that they want to go out like Greedy did.  Greedy did a great job for the LSU Tigers.  We wish him the best."

Orgeron says players leaving early is part of the game that schools see every year between the end of the regular season and the bowls.

"Guys go out early for the draft. Guys elect not to play," he said. "Dynamics of the team changes."

I asked some listeners what they thought.  Is Greedy being greedy?

Some fans are really angry.

"Greedy is dumb. By playing against a top ten team like UCF he can increase his value in the draft. What a loser !" one texted us at 870870.

Another said, "Greedy Williams should be sued for breach of contract he was given a scholarship to play football."

Some did support Williams decision to sit out.

"On a personal level he's making the right business decision for him. I'm not mad at that."

Another asked, "I wonder if those same players would be sitting out if they were relevant in the... playoffs?" 

Here are some other texts:

  • Once he gets his money he needs to pay back scholarships money
  • If he's this worried about injury I would rather him not play at all. His mind would not be on the game and he wouldn't play 100%.
  • Do you realize that a sports scholarship are not guaranteed for 4yrs but on a annual basis and can be taken away based upon teams choice and needs !
  • That is because of the big time football all colleges want to have. I think it's great. Big time football college fans (LSU's) want their cake and eat it too. So you got it. Enjoy. 
  • He is paid to play football. A college education is not cheap he’s got a full free ride books meals everything, while the average student has to pay his way. Seems like a breach of contract in my opinion!
  • It's not just a Greedy Williams problem, it's a NCAA and bowl game issue. This just shows how meaningless the non playoff bowl games are. 
  • It's ok if he doesn't play but he shouldn't be able to enjoy the benefits of being on the sidelines. He should have to buy a ticket and sit in the stands
  • NFL teams won't knock him for missing an exhibition game, but missing a meaningful game might give them pause to evaluate his commitment to the team
  • Greedy got a scholarship didn’t he? He was paid to go to LSU. To me he is reneging on his end of the bargain.

All of the controversy aside, Coach O says his team will be ready to take on UCF in the Fiesta Bowl in New Year's Day.

"I'll tell you one thing about these LSU Tigers... they are going to be hungry," Orgeron told Hebert. "We do not like the way our season ended.  We got a bad taste in our mouth."

LSU (9 - 3) suffered a seven overtime loss to Texas A&M, 74 - 72, in the final regular season game.

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