At least we can agree on one thing, we love ice cream! But what's the favorite flavor?

What's your favorite flavor?


While the nation is split on so many issues and social media is full on angry arguments over one thing after another... at least we can find some common ground.

"This survey finds that 96% of Americans eat ice cream," Ron Faucheux said in his Lunchtime Politics email.

The analyst looked at information from YouGov and found that just 4% of us don't eat ice cream.

"Apparently, we all actually do scream for ice cream."

The survey asked Americans to name their favorite flavor of ice cream.
Chocolate: 14%
Vanilla: 13%
Butter pecan: 11%
Cookies ‘N Creme: 8%
Mint Chocolate Chip: 8%
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: 6%
Strawberry: 6%
Pistachio: 5%
Rocky Road: 5%
Chocolate Chip: 4%
Cake Batter: 3%

Faucheux says, "It also finds that 18-34 year olds are more likely to pick Cookies ‘N Crème (14%) and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (13%) than other age cohorts. Those over 55 years old select Butter Pecan (17%) and Vanilla (16%) as their top choices."

Most of us eat the sweet treat regardless of the weather.

"71% of Americans surveyed say they eat ice cream year-round, while 19% say they only eat ice cream in warmer months."

We asked listeners to the Early Edition of WWL First News to text us at 870870 with their favorite flavors:

  • Raspberry sherbet w/sugar cone... But if there's ever a Red Bull inspired ice cream I'd be all on it!!
  • Chocolate Brownie Blitz (and plenty of it) floats my boat. Do NOT want mint messin' with my chocolate icecream! Remember when a one scoop cone was a nickle!
  • I want a McKenzies cinnamon roll warmed up with at least one scoop of K&B vanilla ice cream in a large Farrels mug
  • I know it wasn't an option but like a good strawberry power punch plus smoothie
  • Ben And Jerry's AmeriCone dream
  • ANY thing Blue Blue for me!
  • A bowl of bluebell homemade vanilla with a couple scoops of frog bones Cajun seasoned pepper jelly on top. You will kick the rocks off of the road with that
  • Ice cream cone by Blue Bell
  • Moose tracks ice cream
  • French vanilla
  • Gelato Caribbean Coconut. Nothing compares
  • Chocolate Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Ben And Jerry's America Cone dream
  • smores flavored for me
  • Soft serve vanilla dipped in chocolate
  • K&B Chocolate Pecan Divinity. Thanks, Allen on the Northshore
  • Ben and Jerry"s Cherries Garcia ice cream
  • Dave one of my new favorites is the anytime vanilla ice cream cone on the cruise lol
  • Pistachio is definitely my favorite
  • The New Orleans Icecream company makes a flavor called "chocolate city" and it is amazing!
  • Tin roof
  • Blue bunny Peanut ButterParty ice cream
  • Mint chocolate chip
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