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You get that look on your face when...

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
October 22, 2018 - 2:28 pm

That look on Justin Tucker's face after he missed the extra point that would have sent the Ravens into overtime with Saints was priceless!  Those crazy wide eyes and gaping mouth definitely tell the story.

Tucker became a meme all over social media.

It had me wondering when our listener might make that face.  So I asked them to text us at 870870 completing the statement:  The look you get when...

We got some very entertaining responses, some inappropriate responses and more.

Some of my favorites were:

  • When your wife says she's pregnant and you're sterile 
  • When the wife says her mother is coming to dinner.
  • When those lottery numbers you been playing for years hit but u forgot to play
  • When devin white gets ejected for pushing a QB down
  • When you're the only winner of 1.6 billion dollars
  • The look you get when u find the bathroom out of order
  • Look I get when I'm on vacation and walk out of the bar only to be told, "sir you can't take that drink outside" Lol, have a great day!! Who dat!!!
  • The look you get when your friends tell what you did last night while drinking
  • That look you make when your mom says your first and middle names

Some made me cringe:

  • When you're making love to your woman and she calls out you're dads name
  • When your mother in law slips you a little tongue on that Christmas morning kiss

There were lots of others too, some good - some not so much:

  • When u open your s&w bill
  • That look you get when pay for two beers in the Super-dome.
  • When your girlfriend tells you she's pregnant
  • When you are falcons fan and the saints just won the super bowl in Atlanta
  • The look on your face when you're caught eating the LAST piece of chocolate cake
  • Look on your Facebook when they tell you the Earth isn't flat...
  • When someone from the north says they can cook a gumbo
  • ....You missed winning the Mega millions by one number...
  • When someone says Roll Tide in front of LSU Fan
  • When you find a pair of women's underwear in your wife's car.
  • I get the look on my face when people think LSU is going to beat Alabama
  • when you come to death valley and lose that No. 1 ranking and your dreams die! 
  • When lsu beats bama
  • When you win "MEGA MILLIONS".
  • When you taste the stuff labeled "Boudin" in Mississippi !
  • The look whem your boss tells you that you are better than you thought you were!
  • That look you get when you bought the bar a victory round and then the other team scores a touchdown with 28 seconds left
  • ...when the ghost of Tom Benson appears and prevents you from making the field goal!
  • When you see tom bension sitting on the goal post
  • "WHEN" you finish your taxes and you OWE Uncle Sam
  • When u win the mega millions
  • That look you get When you see the ghost of Tom Benson by the ball
  • You get that look when you listen to coach O's press conference
  • You get the look when pj Williams and Crawley blow their assignments and coverage
  • You get that look when you realize your name will be in the hall of fame. Just not for a reason you want.
  • The look you get when you turn on Saturday live and there's not one single put down of the president!!!
  • The look you get when your cat uses the litter box then kicks litter ALL OVER THE PLACE!
  • When the drugs kick in
  • When your girlfriend unlocks your cell phone..
  • ...when Marie Laveau puts her Hex on you ! Who Dat !!!???
  • That face you make when she says she puts tomatoes in her gumbo
  • When: you walk outside and it's finally cool
  • The look you get when you're not prepared when the temperature drops
  • That look you get when the Saints defense actually stops the opposing offense on their final drive of the game !!
  • When you find out your going to training camp at the Green brier
  • When devin white gets ejected for pushing a QB down
  • When you see the high temps for this week!
  • When Drew's Breeze come up outta nowhere and blows your perfect kick off target.
  • When the Vikings scored a touchdown in the playoff game against the saints last year
  • That feeling you get when you realize those aren't jalapenos on your nachos, they're Ghost Peppers!
  • When you spot Waldo as you kick the ball.

Several dealt with passing gas or having a bowel movement:

  • When you are with your girlfriend for the first time and you thought you were silently passing gas, but it was a little more . . .
  • The look you get when you realize it wasn't just a fart!
  • When you short. Lol
  • I don't think that was a fart!
  • When you try to fart but you poop your pants
  • The look you get when diarrhea hits at work ,Eric
  • When u think it's a fart...but it ain't.
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