How do you squeeze the toothpaste tube?

People have some strong feelings on this one

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
February 07, 2019 - 8:17 am

We got off a tangent during the show that lead to some passionate talk about the best way to squeeze the toothpaste.

I am a big advocate for starting at the bottom and working your way up each day.  That just makes sense to me.  It is easier to control, maximizes the toothpaste output per tube and just looks nicer.

I am not alone in this preference.

"My damn stepson squeezes from top," one listener texted to 870870. "It wrinkles the whole friggin tube so I have to fix it. It drives me nuts."

Another lamented, "My wife ! Middle squeezer."

But others were adamant that you don't have to squeeze from the bottom.

"Quit whining," one text read. "Put the cap back on it and squeeze it back from the bottom and then the problem is solved till the next day."

Another listener claimed to have found the solution to avoiding toothpaste tube discord in the home.

"I bought the kind of toothpaste that stands up and there is once again harmony in my home," they texted.

I took a look at some toothpaste tubes as I began writing this.

Did you know there are instructions on some toothpaste?

"For best results, squeeze tube from the bottom and flatten as you go up," one tube read.

See, even the manufacturer says that is the proper way.  

Another tube went so far as to advise, "Store tube standing up with cap tightly shut."

Well you can't do that if you don't squeeze from the bottom.  The tube will just fall over because it is not evenly weighted.

There are also entire articles and the below video that claim how we squeeze says things about our overall personality...

The way I addressed the controversy in my home?  I have my own tube of toothpaste!

We haven't even touched on the topics of putting the cap back on and how much toothpaste to use.  Another day, maybe.

How do you squeeze your toothpaste?  Feel free to comment below...

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