The great toilet paper debate... over or under?

People are passionate about the right way to hang the TP

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
January 24, 2019 - 6:58 am

People have extreme and passionate views about this!  Do you put the toilet paper roll on "over" or "under?"  

How you place the TP on the spindle is very important to some people.  They seem to have definite opinions on whether the end of the roll should come hang down in the front so you pull from the top (over) or the back of the roll so you pull from the bottom (under).

Needing a break from the discussion about the blown call that snatched the Super Bowl from the Saints, I thought this would be a more light-hearted discussion.  Apparently I was wrong!  People got vicious about their feelings... even resorting to name calling.

"Only godless heathens put it on with the tissue UNDER," one listener texted to 870870.

Another explained how they ended a blossoming relationship over it.  "I have ZERO respect for anyone who puts their roll of toilet paper under! I went on a date with a guy once and after I found out he puts his roll of toilet paper under, I ghosted him. THE RIGHT WAY IS OVER!!!!"

One listener then hit below the Saints belt. "Over Don't want to reach under the roll for the paper. It's just natural. If you do it the other way, ur Falcons fan."

Another made it political.  "You have to be a liberal if you put it under."

This discussion occurred to me after my daughter posted to Facebook, looking to unload her boyfriend after he hung the toilet paper on the roll the wrong way.

"He cooks, washes dishes, pays his rent on time and occasionally washes clothes," she posted. "Tonight, he put the toilet paper roll on 'under' instead of 'over' and it was the final (only) straw... Needs to go ASAP."

I think she was joking, but the comments on her post and the texts I got during the show make it clear that this is a very serious issue to many people.  Scores and scores of people texted in with their position on the matter from 5:00am to 6:00am.

One even said this is so important that the US military has taken a position on it.

"Air Force basic training teaches you to put it with the flap coming over the top," the texter explained.

Others presented evidence for their position.

"The actual toilet paper patent has an illustration / diagram. The inventor meant for toilet paper to go over for effective use."

"Lets put this to bed. Ann Landers said the toilet paper companies put the colored patterns on the over side. So it over. Unless like someone just said under just to piss them off always has merit."

Then there was this text, "Over.without question.i bet those refs do under.if they do use the stuff."

Over did overwhelmingly win the debate with the people texting in, but there were exceptions.  Some people with cats or small kids said they go under to try and prevent said pet or child from unrolling the TP into a ball on the floor.

"I put it under !!! It looks neater And I also have a cat. Didn't help one time," one person said.

Another texted, "Under because its easier to grab."

There were a few more...

  • Under just to piss em off!
  • Under why is it a debate
  • Under because it's easer to tear off the portion you want
  • Under just because that's how it goes

But by more than a 90% margin of victory, over was the big winner.  Here are some of the over advocates...

  • Over. It's over and done with
  • Good morning. The toilet paper comes off the roll over. I was made aware of this by my wife 25 years ago in a manner that I will never forget!
  • Happy Marriage Rule 12 - OVER!
  • The original patent app for the toilet paper holder shows OVER. That's how it was designed, that's how it goes
  • Over! If you go to a hotel, you will find the toilet paper in the open position and folded to a point. Can't do that if it's under.
  • Over the top with a little point folded underneath that's the way they talk to you
  • OVER like the US patent says, only reason to put it under is if you have a toddler or a cat.
  • Over baby!! Because you can't tear off the paper as easily when it's under. Thanks for the comic relief from the No Call Nausea!! Geaux Saints!
  • Over. Over is the correct way because of the design on the toilet paper and the way the toilet paper tare's it should be over the top
  • We have cats and I still say definitely over. Easier access.
  • Over over over!!
  • The original patent diagram for TP shows it over. That settles the debate
  • Over because it's easier to find the end!!!!

Some people had a way around this debate in their homes...

  • My solution to the toilet paper problem is removing the apparatus that holds it and put the roll on the back of the toilet
  • I'm just going to set the toilet paper roll on the back of the tank and avoid this confrontation lol
  • Put it on a standalone pedestal so that it can be turned either way and all will be happy

Other say they just set the new roll vertically on top of the old, empty one.  That apparently, however, can just make things worse...

  • I get in trouble when I leave the little tube on put the new role on top of the holder
  • It kills me when my stepson or daughter sits the roll on top of the empty roll. takes 3 sec to change out the roll

Others are appreciative that they just have TP when they sit down...

  • I dont care what direction. I get excited when the kids replace the toilet paper
  • Over or Under is much better the None or Newspaper. Lower your expectation and you won't be disappointed. Pretty simple...
  • As long as there is paper. Who cares !

Here are some more of the messages people sent to the Early Edition of WWL First News...

  • Over all the time! My wife puts it under and I just look at the toilet paper roll and shake my head in disappointment
  • I have an idea! Toilet paper with the referees of the Saints-Rams game and a pic of Roger Godell!! I will buy a carton! ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜
  • Over, no little kids.Under with little kids
  • Doesn't matter. We have a teenager and hope there is any when we rushing in.
  • Do you know what's worse than over or under? None!
  • Over. With the last square folded under at 45 degree angle, with the point facing toilet. And repeat for the next person.
  • Definitive Answer: I grew up w/ parents who put the TP under, so I did too. But when I married, my hubby PROVED to me that over was correct b/c he showed me that the printed, color patterns on the TP were on the wrong side when the TP was under, but right-side up when the TP was over. So I switched, in the face of the evidence.
  • Perhaps a child could be taught not to fool with the tp. Just an idea
  • what do you do when the rolls or mounted sideways like in commercial bathroom.
  • When I go to friends house I change it to over when I go to the bathroom to piss off owners
  • Dave when you have a holder that holds the roll vertically do you put it on right or left ? Clockwise or counterclockwise?
  • In one of our bathrooms the roll is vertical. What do I do?
  • What's all this tp talk about I just air dry and flake off...duh
  • As long its there.I don't care
  • I'm going to wipe either way
  • Dave when you have a holder that holds the roll vertically do you put it on right or left ? Clockwise or counterclockwise?
  • NEITHER...I just put the roll on the back of the toilet!! LOL
  • We don't use any
  • Over, and if I'm at a friends and it's under, I will turn it around!!
  • The holder was patented with picture over you're all a bunch of idiots lol
  • WTF is the difference as long as it's there?
  • Dave when you have a holder that holds the roll vertically do you put it on right or left ? Clockwise or counterclockwise?
  • I just put the role on the spindle. Don't tell me how to live my life
  • Sideways lol
  • Good morning Dave I understand what your family is going through with the toilet paper but just knowing what's really going on in this world I truly believe your son is screaming for attention he put the toilet paper backwards for a reason LOL I love you so much dude
  • Thank about it when you're in a five-star hotel they fold the toilet paper over an even on cruise ships that makes it so more appealing.
  • Over That way when you touch the roll with dirty fingers, you only touch the paper you will use and not the other paper beneath it on the roll
  • Who cares!!!!!
  • Wipe top to bottom or bottom too top
  • My toilet-paper roller is vertical and to my right, the roll of paper is positioned to tear counter-clockwise.
  • Toilet paper is so 2016 we now use flushable wipes
  • Front to back or back to front
  • Doesn't matter top bottom pick ya battles dont argue about anything that trivial the wife and I say!!!
  • Here's one for u. Which way do you wipe. Front to back. Or back to front
  • Fold or ball?
  • I have five kids, we just leave an empty roll on the roller and put a new roll on the back of the toilet. No one ever changes it
  • As far as the toilet paper, over the hill and through the woods....
  • The best solution: don't use any
  • Dave I usually go over but that depends if the my boss wife is spending the night
  • I've had cats inside the house for 45 years and I've never had a cat unroll the toilet paper roll and I put it on with the paper staring from the top.
  • Under? Over? Who cares!‍♂️ Doesn't matter to me
  • Both are over. One front over other back over. Front over.
  • Over
  • Don't care, as long as its there
  • Over, but I would give the boyfriend credit for putting a new roll on.
  • OVER, if cats and toddler want TP they will get it. The original patent shows over.
  • Unroll the toilet paper a few times, draw a spider with a sharpie and roll it back. Listen for the fun
  • Dave when you have a holder that holds the roll vertical do you put it on right or left ?
  • We have always had cats and NEVER went to under
  • Didn't realize there was two different ways to put on
  • Never under !!
  • Under
  • Over because I'm the boss!
  • Paper towels and toilet paper over!
  • The original patent shows over
  • I find that women in general put tp under instead of over. Just one of the many opposites that my wife n I share
  • Over no explanation needed! Lol
  • Over because that's what the wife says. Happy wife happy life
  • Whichever way makes my wife happiest
  • Just put it on the countertop
  • Under
  • OVER
  • Doesn't really matter lol. It goes n the toilet anyway
  • Under is the right way because you will use less paper
  • Doesn't really matter which way TP is put on the roll if it did tp would come with directions
  • Over because it's easy to find the beginning of the roll.
  • Over. Way back when, you bought tp with patterns on it. The pattern shows only when it's over. This was said in a " Dear Abby" column.
  • Personally I put it over but it's the end result that really matters never makes it on the holder just goes on back of the toilet. and if it makes it it don't matter which way it is as long as its there when you need it.
  • Under is extremely irritating
  • Over Try it with quilted toilet paper. You'll see ...
  • Over !!! No question. Go OVER and you'll never go back !
  • Over just because it should be and the toothpaste should be squeezed from the bottom up
  • OVER. Speed N Ease
  • Over, just easier
  • Because it doesn't say 'this side up' on the toilet paper
  • Under
  • Top over
  • Always over!!!!!!
  • Under
  • Sir your family needs counseling !!!!

By the way, in my home, I learned years ago that putting the TP on under could be grounds for banishment to the couch or even divorce.  I honestly didn't care which way it was when I was single, but now I know it does matter (at least to my wife).

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